GIBS Is Promoting Mental Health For A Brighter Future – Let’s Find Out How!

GIBS Is Promoting Mental Health For A Brighter Future – Let’s Find Out How!

Today in a world full of competition it is extremely important to take care of your mental health. Students are continuously studying and competing against each other. The pressure is too much at times and it is evident that students struggle to keep up with the increasing competition around them.

What is the real problem here?

The mental health of the student!

From peer pressure to parents, there is a kind of unsaid pressure that is constantly put on children. The rat race is now out of control and one thing that is missing today is having satisfaction with what one has achieved.

Suicide rates among students have always been on the higher side. People fail to understand how students are constantly being judged and measured based on just marks. Students unknowingly become a part of the rat race and forget about simpler things in life that can bring happiness.

Is Happiness the key to success?

Yes! It is one of the most important factors that enable an individual to be content and satisfied with all kinds of achievements. Students at a business school face tremendous pressure of gaining knowledge, cracking internships and placements, and constantly competing with each other.

Global Institute of Business Studies is one of the finest business schools in India and has some of the best offerings. It aims to nurture future leaders and transforms lives with knowledge and beyond classroom experiences.

GIBS aims to teach students the skills of managing not only to work in the corporate world but also to live in the real world. The faculty members are highly qualified and ensure a world-class educational experience for the students.

Along with infrastructural brilliance that facilitates the experience for students, GIBS promises to take care of mental health as well. It constantly makes efforts to make the learning environment a happier place for the students.

GIBS has initiated the Happiness Program for its students. This program emphasizes achieving satisfaction with work. In this program, the students are taught the art to be happy with simpler things in life.

Today in the fierce world of competition, people tend to exert themselves for absolutely no reason. The happiness program conducts various activities that help the students to stay content with their progress. The activities encompass laughter yoga, meditation, and more such activities.

GIBS is one of the first business schools to realize how important mental health and happiness are in a student’s life.

Recently, while many institutions have now started focusing on the mental health of the students after GIBS started, a panel discussion was held. Some of the biggest names were a part of this webinar where each had made a point and explained how exactly happiness can be achieved.

The panel had some of the most prestigious speakers like Tripti Anand – entrepreneur and counselor, Dr.K. Aparna Rao – Director of L&D at GIBS, Hari Karcheria – Sr. Director of Placement & L&D at GIBS and Ritesh Goyal – Managing Director and Chairman in GIBS.

Ritesh Goyal started the happiness program personally and eventually started involving more than 500 people today. The intention behind starting the Happiness Program at GIBS was to ensure there is contentment, happiness, and joy in the entire learning process.

The rat race can be tiring and can get the best of you put to waste but through the happiness program, Ritesh Goyal wanted to change this scenario. It is very rare that an institute takes an initiative that can cure many with happiness and exercises related to it.

Each panel member along with student representative, Sravani Valluri made some very interesting statements addressing the real problem today. Tripti Rao emphasized how students forget to enjoy the simple pleasures of life and are always seeking more. She said that it is important to enjoy little things in life which could be a cup of coffee as well.

Mr.Ritesh Goyal said he is a happier person now after being a part of the happiness program and wanted the students of GIBS to experience the same. He spoke about the simple laughter exercise that everyone can do for only 10 minutes and see a drastic change in dealing with life.

Dr.K. Aprana Rao spoke about how the only thing that separates a good student from a great student is happiness. If the students are happy and calm in life then nothing can stop them from excelling in life.

GIBS is known to have a learning environment laced with fun and extracurricular activities that makes the teaching-learning process extremely interesting and fruitful, making each student a potential leader of all good things in any field they choose to be in.

Today if you are looking for an institute that not only takes care of your academic needs but also helps you in dealing with the pressures of success then the Global Institute of Business Studies in Bangalore is your place to be in.

Enjoy the world of knowledge and a beyond classroom experience at GIBS and choose happiness for the rest of your life!


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