PR GIBS launches yet another super BBA batch for 2019

GIBS launches yet another super BBA batch for 2019

When business celebrities and institutional leaders gather with an agenda, it is time for soul-searching. In meeting national goals and aspirations, business achievements play an essential part. Thus the critical role of motivated B-schools lay the foundation for entrepreneurial success. Bangalore enjoys a new identity as a global IT city with a large number of successful start-ups. Hopefully, further saplings will take root in the fertile business soil.

The future of the nation and the world certainly belongs to the youth! One gets confident about young capabilities on such occasions as the commencement of the BBA batch on 11th July 2019 at the Global Institute of Business Studies in Bannerghatta, Bangalore. Business studies amidst the panorama of international companies like in the Silicon Valley of India with the mighty opportunities around should be very inspiring indeed.

A premier B-school that has been soaring high ever since its foundation in 2014, GIBS ranks among the very best. The faculty, infrastructure, and networks with leading companies that facilitate internships and placements are dynamic indeed. Professional needs are met with realistic training in the context of the prevailing requirements of the business industry. Working with partners abroad brings the global touch as the boys and girls spread their wings ready to fly high all lifelong.

The occasion presented a time to dream of being followed by immense labor to bring academic success through a few semesters of diligent study, aided by activities.


The stirring events of the day

Thara Madam sought the blessings of the divine with the Invocation song. Kohila T M, Assistant Professor, GIBS B School, introduced the distinguished guests who found time to be present amidst hectic schedules. As the dignitaries lit those awesome lamps on the dais, it did feel like dreams were taking off.

Dr.Aparna K Rao, Principal, Honorable Director, GIBS B School, delivered the Welcome Speech to set the intellectual scene and remind of the duties of students and staff in institution and nation-building.


Address by Guest of Honor

When Mr. Mohan, Practice Head, Wipro Technologies, Bangalore, delivered his speech, it was yet another reminder of the great possibilities in the Bangalore business world that embraces numerous sectors like telecommunications and engineering.

Now it was the turn of Mr.RiteshGoyal, Managing Director, GIBS, to speak and dedicate the oath-taking. GIBS hopes that youthful dreams will shine to greater heights in the years to come.

The address by the Chief Guest Ms. Annapurna, Founder & CEO, of Emotionalytics, did bring gentle thoughts and vibrant hopes of better tomorrows for the youngsters working to build exciting careers in the ultra-competitive world of the 21st century.

A Vote of Thanks by B Kumar Sai Deepak, UG Coordinator, and the National Anthem brought the curtains down on occasion. For the new BBA batch, it was the beginning of a long road to academic success.


Coming together amidst differing backgrounds

Professional courses like the BBA should be backed up with career opportunities that work like a lighthouse to guide the children. With the coming of the digital world, work has become smoother and softer with numerous tasks reduced to shortcuts. That does not mean the absence of endurance, perseverance, and patience. May the students take up their duties well and march to the rhythm of business skills successfully with time!


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