Empowering Leadership Excellence: GIBS Business School’s Mediation and Arbitration – Management Development Programme on 16 & 17 November 2023

Empowering Leadership Excellence: GIBS Business School’s Mediation and Arbitration – Management Development Programme on 16 & 17 November 2023

In the vibrant landscape of business education, the Global Institute of Business Studies (GIBS), affiliated with the Goyal Educational Trust, stands tall as an epitome of excellence. Acknowledged as one of the top business schools in Bangalore, GIBS has meticulously curated a niche for itself by pioneering refined learning, ethical values, and unwavering intellectual support. At the heart of this academic powerhouse lies a commitment to shaping the best minds through its Management Development Programmes (MDPs).


The Essence of GIBS Business School

GIBS takes immense pride in its rich resources, blending knowledge and industry excellence across diverse domains. Fueled by a passion for training and a commitment to imparting practical skills, GIBS has consistently shaped leaders of tomorrow. The upcoming Management Development Programme (MDP) titled “Mediation and Arbitration” is a testament to GIBS’s dedication to nurturing leadership excellence.


MDP Objectives and Significance

Why MDPs Matter

Management Development Programmes at GIBS are strategically designed to be a cornerstone in enhancing the skills, knowledge, and abilities of individuals occupying leadership and management roles within organizations. These programmes serve multifaceted purposes, from skill enhancement to fostering adaptation to change, leadership development, increased productivity, improved employee engagement and retention, enhanced communication skills, legal knowledge, and financial planning.


Unveiling “Mediation and Arbitration”

The spotlight of the upcoming MDP is on “Mediation and Arbitration,” a distinctive programme aimed at equipping leaders with the tools necessary to navigate complex business scenarios. As the business landscape continually evolves, effective leadership becomes paramount. This MDP, therefore, is tailor-made to address the intricacies of modern business challenges.


Target Audience and Comprehensive Offerings

Who Should Attend?

The “Mediation and Arbitration” MDP is specifically crafted for middle-level executives and senior-level managerial personnel actively engaged in agreements, mergers, acquisitions, and various business-related transactions. Moreover, senior and middle managers involved in employee agreements, dispute resolution, and experts in dispute redressal mechanisms within organizations will find this programme immensely beneficial.


Programme Highlights

The “Mediation and Arbitration” MDP delves into the Indian Contract Act of 1872, the implications of various acts and laws, the development of critical thinking through the usage of acts and agreements, understanding the ethics and values involved in agreements, exploring the business code of conduct, and gaining profound insights into dispute resolution skills and techniques.


Registration Details and Practical Information

Seize the Opportunity

The registration fee for this enriching programme is a nominal Rs.1500/-, inclusive of a working lunch for participants. The registration process is streamlined, and facilitated through NEFT/UPI, with detailed instructions available on the official website. The venue, GIBS Business School, situated at 44/2/8/5, Mylasandra Rd, Bengaluru, promises an environment conducive to focused and immersive learning.


Secure Your Spot

Interested individuals can secure their spot by visiting the official registration page: https://forms.gle/yVfT5QSANXXoL5RM9


Meet the Expert: Dr. Vijaya Chandran

Leading the “Mediation and Arbitration” MDP is Dr. Vijaya Chandran, a luminary with nearly 25 years of academic experience. His journey, spanning from a Bachelor of Law to various advanced degrees, including an MBA, a PG Dip FTM, and a Doctorate, showcases his commitment to continuous learning. As the Program Chair and Professor at GIBS, Dr. Chandran has made significant contributions to UGC journals and SCOPUS.


Event Details and Contact Information

Save the Date

The “Mediation and Arbitration” MDP is scheduled for 17 & 18 November 2023, from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM at GIBS Business School, Bengaluru.


For Further Inquiries

For further details, feel free to reach out to:

– Dr. AVR Mahadev

– Position: Associate Professor, Head of Executive Education

– Email: drmahadevavr@gibs.edu.in

– Mobile: 9886040649


In conclusion, GIBS Business School’s “Mediation and Arbitration” MDP is not just a programme; it’s a transformative journey towards leadership excellence. Secure your spot now and become part of an educational experience that goes beyond traditional boundaries, equipping you with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape.



The MDP is designed for middle-level executives and senior-level managerial personnel involved in agreements, mergers, and acquisitions, offering crucial insights into dispute resolution and redressal mechanisms.

The programme covers various dimensions, including the Indian Contract Act of 1872, consequences of applicable acts and laws, critical thinking development, ethics in agreements, and advanced dispute resolution techniques.

Registration is simple and can be done online at https://forms.gle/yVfT5QSANXXoL5RM9. The registration fee is a nominal Rs.1500/-, inclusive of a working lunch for participants.

Dr. Vijaya Chandran, with nearly 25 years of academic experience, is the luminary heading the MDP. His extensive educational background includes a Bachelor of Law, MBA, PG Dip FTM, and a Doctorate, making him a seasoned expert in the field.