GIBS molds student business futures with interactive and participatory learning

GIBS mold student business futures with interactive and participatory learning

Global Institute of Business Studies in Bannerghatta, Bangalore believes in the authentic study. Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore take their responsibilities very seriously with international faculty and elaborate educational infrastructure.

Learning by doing has been the dominating principle of effective education for a long. Merely accumulating data, primarily through memory or rote learning, is soon forgotten and not understood in the first place. One way traffic of the classroom lessons and self-study from books to have such a negative impact. Examinations turn out to be unsuccessful when memory fails, and definitions have been forgotten. One crucial reason for improper learning is the hurry to finish the syllabus on time which results in summaries being studied and salient points of lessons being missed out.

In an age of digital technology, redundant data is found everywhere. It is evident that quantity alone will not suffice, but the right knowledge is essential that could be applied to business situations to find solutions in real time. Further, business knowledge should be relevant and necessary according to the prevailing industry conditions. The top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore recommend a pointed syllabus specifically geared to real industry conditions.


Case study method

The business being the agenda, considerable effort is made to prepare the boys and girls to handle job roles as managers when they have to make crucial decisions, and there is no time to postpone! Simulations help trainee drivers just like they enable an understanding of crash situations. Real situations that have occurred in industry, manufacturing, and companies like emergencies and mergers, leadership vacuum and resignations, lockouts, and strikes are taken up for discussion. Presented with such a grim situation, what would be your responses and immediate decisions?

Though it might appear like one more of those video games, case studies do test patience and imagination, skills, and competence. The process of acquiring skills and expertise, confidence, and experience is a long and arduous waiting game. Getting mentally prepared beforehand with many known real situations faced by the industry gives a headstart and builds trust. The 2-year full-time AICTE-approved PGDM program prepares the student for real business conflict situations.


Catering to diverse student abilities and learning styles

The best education cares for individual cases because of the great variety of backgrounds. Coming from all over India and abroad, wearing the same dress does not make them similar, though sameness is essential in a democracy. Belonging to several levels like a ladder, some boys and girls will need extra attention to catch up with the others. It is the same problem of maintaining standards by propping up those who seem to be deficient in some respects.

Effective study techniques will help academics, and some students may be weak in particular areas of the syllabus. A little timely attention goes a long way to remove doubts and dispel worries, an essential factor that obstructs the learning path. Adequate study materials and thought-provoking stimulations through lectures and multimedia lessons would bring a positive approach rather than sleeping over books and printed notes. The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore do teach robust study techniques to help sustained understanding.


Many paths converge at the same goal

Classroom lectures and academic studies, presentations and panel discussions, role-plays and simulation exercises, industrial visits, and guest meetings – so much happens at GIBS in a busy daily schedule that ends with dinner and slumber. Very busy students and professionals are at work even during sleep when the brain is busy processing thoughts and ideas in the unconscious mind. Another challenging day arises with fresh peaks to conquer.


Working with people

Even though technology weighs heavily upon the daily media-filled life and in business and industry, it is the people who run the show, handle cases, and operate the machines. Firstly, trainees need to develop their personal qualities of head and heart. Dressing well and learning soft skills like leadership and teamwork, motivation, and communication come first.

A radiant and well-developed business personality can shine in cosmopolitan surroundings, being able to adjust with the staff of different nationalities. Language may sometimes become a barrier, and knowing several languages would be a distinct advantage. Necessarily, understand the business fundamentals and the specializations very well, taking pains to complete all the assignments and tasks. Everybody starts small when it comes to professional goals and patience and perseverance take you up the steep slopes in good time.


Teamwork, clubs, and committees

Education is a preparation for life, and the basics are learned in the first school. Working together requires adjustment and a shared vision and responsibility. Just like working together in GIBS, one day the boys and girls will put heads and hands together in professional roles in leading companies for internships and placements! The situation may differ, but the working-together spirit will be similar. The process will be the same.

Learn actively, keep regular study routines with private copies of study materials, and avoid negative thoughts. The darkness of the night must be crossed before the bright day dawns. Keep hoping and working until success smiles. The best B school in Bangalore will help you realize your dreams along the career path.