GIBS offers dynamic internships with leading food, medicine, and hospitality companies

GIBS offers dynamic internships with leading food, medicine, and hospitality companies

In order to shine in the extremely challenging business world, work experience during studies is essential. Global Institute of Business Studies encourages valuable internships with numerous Bangalore-based industries in several sectors to get the first taste of work. In advanced countries like America, youngsters have an early experience of working life, perhaps to earn pocket money during school and college vacations. It is a pity that such a work culture does not exist in India. As a result, a vast difference exists between the academic world represented by books and the real working world out there where eager boys and girls would probably spend the rest of their lives. Study at the best B school in Bangalore!


A mighty spectrum of business opportunities

IT and Apparel, Automotive and Banking, Engineering and FMCG, which internship would work best? Hospitality and healthcare are beautiful too. Manufacturing and Insurance? Operations, HR, Finance, or Sales? Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore would inculcate the knowledge and skills required to succeed.


Don’t forget the inspired hard work that gets you there

The long and sometimes frustrating journey to business success starts with schooling. After 12 or 15 years of education, the entrance exam, and a few semesters of diligent work, you are ready to climb the heights of corporate success. Avoid getting lost in dreams but follow the grassroots policy of working upward. Keep your feet firmly on the ground and avoid unrealistic thinking. Entrepreneurs are starting their businesses too like the service professionals would follow similar approaches.


Essentials of Life and Living

One would say that food, shelter, and clothing are fundamentals for basic survival. Along with food, the healthcare and hospitality sectors deserve to become the mega-businesses that they genuinely are. Safeguarding health is, and hospitality again concerns food in restaurants but also refers to travel and tourism that have become essential to complete family life. Considering a few such examples, Nestle, Cadila Pharmaceuticals and JW Marriott represent some of those business segments that make human life worth living. Develop consciousness of mega-businesses and how they have shaped human existence, and business success will come closer within reach.


Nestle foods

The Henri Nestle story commenced in 1866 with the condensed milk business that almost everybody can now remember from childhood years long ago. Business with a conscience has become a blessing to humanity. Our lives are full of Nestle products, a global brand that is loved by youngsters and adults alike. Established in Switzerland, Nestle is a brand that has developed wings across the world and is recognized everywhere. Perhaps that is the vision of many companies, but few become legends that will happen only after a long period of existence. Technology has speeded up work processes, and the results are seen faster nowadays than ever before. Start-ups now have reached the top within a few years of founding and Bangalore has generated several of those. The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore will show the way.


Cadila Pharmaceuticals

Caring for health and wellness, medicine manufacturers like Cadila have reached the pinnacle. Only the desire for profits would not drive them so much if it were not a sincere dedication to human welfare. Research forms the foundation that gives rise to the products that mean so much to millions. Six decades of service in providing affordable and quality medicine with an Indian base is genuinely enlightening. Beyond the Indian borders, Cadila has touched the lives of people in 55 countries across the major continents. The top 10 AICTE-approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore will get you connected with the business pulse.


JW Marriott hotels

From food and medicine to luxury hotels may not seem appropriate but the truth is that the business world must cater to the rich, the middle classes, and the economically weak. Marriott hotels worldwide are recognized wherever you might travel and appreciated as a symbol of impeccable service. Such a signature means that it would be a lavish hotel stay backed up with the best food and drinks, room comfort, and attendants. Work, travel, and vacations are being facilitated so well, society certainly works and enjoys holidays better with such a trusted seal.

All three companies are represented in the mighty Bangalore business world, if given a choice, where would the business trainees best prefer their internships? Don’t forget that it is your first experience with the world of work and it had better be excellent. In many cases, impressed employers offer good starting appointments, and careers are instantly made. Further, the thrill of earning a stipend perhaps for the first time is dramatic. Probably, the students do not have a choice regarding internship companies, but sometimes they do indicate preferences.


Get mentally prepared for professional challenges

Many good things will happen across a few semesters of the two-year full-time AICTE-approved PGDM program. Hard work, dedication, and sincerity along with cooperation with the GIBS authorities would get you far along the international business highway.


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