Palak Bansal (PGDM 2nd Year Student) achieves 1st prize in Best Manager category at Shreshtha Prabandhak 2023 Management Fest: A story of success from GIBS

Palak Bansal (PGDM 2nd Year Student) achieves 1st prize in the Best Manager category at Shreshtha Prabandhak 2023 Management Fest: A story of success from GIBS

GIBS Business School has always been committed to providing its students with the greatest available education and possibilities. GIBS guarantees that its students are well-equipped to face the challenges of the ever-changing business landscape by focusing on Innovation, Research, and Entrepreneurship (IRE) and Finishing School programs.

The recent success of Ms. Palak Bansal (PGDM 2nd Year) in the Best Manager Event at ISBR Business School is a testament to the effectiveness of GIBS’ approach. The event, which challenged individuals across all management domains, tested participants’ patience and composure in stressful situations. However, Palak’s performance stood out, and she emerged as the winner of the Shreshtha Prabandhak event.

Palak Bansal, the winner of the Best Manager event at the Aikyam 2023 Fest organized by ISBR Business School, possesses a unique set of qualities that make her stand out in the field of management.

She excels at dealing with pressure and making judgments in difficult situations. She is an excellent communicator who can inspire her team members to work together toward a similar objective.

Palak is guided by ideals of honesty, fairness, and transparency and has a strong sense of ethics. She is a critical thinker capable of analyzing complex circumstances and devising innovative solutions. She is not scared to take chances and is eager to learn from her failures.

Palak has proved that she has what it takes to be a great manager by exhibiting these characteristics. She is a bright example of what students can do with the proper education and skills. The IRE School and Finishing School at GIBS provide the necessary skills and knowledge to prepare students like Palak to excel in the world of management.

As an institution, GIBS is proud of Palak’s achievements and wishes her all the best for her future endeavors.

Her accomplishment attests to the high level of education and training that GIBS students get. GIBS is educating the next generation of leaders to compete in a competitive and ever-changing business world by emphasizing practical learning and a dedication to developing well-rounded individuals.

Students at GIBS are taught and prepared to think differently and creatively. The IRE School, in particular, aims to advance the innovative, research, and entrepreneurial abilities of first-year PGDM students. The Innovation Lab, Research Lab, and Entrepreneurship Lab at the IRE School provide students with practical experience in developing new products, doing research, and coming up with business concepts. Through exercises, workshops, and expert sessions, the IRE School encourages students to think imaginatively, investigate novel concepts, and develop an entrepreneurial attitude.


On the other side, the Finishing School program focuses on preparing students for jobs in the industry. A variety of topics, including corporate communication, business etiquette, resume writing, and interview skills, are covered in the program. As part of the curriculum, students can also meet with business experts, attend seminars and workshops, and participate in mock interviews.


The GIBS curriculum combines the IRE School and Finishing School curricula to provide students with a solid foundation for the demands of the business world. These programs make sure that students have the soft skills and entrepreneurial mentality required to succeed in today’s competitive economy, in addition to the requisite technical skills.

The accomplishments of Ms. Palak Bansal are evidence of the value of the GIBS strategy. Her victory not only reflects the school’s dedication to greatness but also her own personal success. She has the support of GIBS, which is happy for her, and wishes her luck in her future undertakings.

In conclusion, GIBS Business School’s emphasis on IRE and Finishing School programs has been crucial in assisting its students in becoming ready for their future development and entering the corporate world. These programs have equipped GIBS students with the skills, mindset, and knowledge needed to succeed in the ever-changing business landscape.


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