GIBS Pathfinder goes all the way to create remarkable events

GIBS Pathfinder goes all the way to create remarkable events

GIBS Pathfinder goes all the way to create remarkable events
Contemporary life loves activities and shows business, parties, and picnics. Society requires such showdowns that bring people and equipment, places, and agendas together for a variety of tasks. Whether it is exhibitions or product launches, conferences, or marriage, we cannot imagine an active life without such galas. Business gets a boost, and the rise of the virtual world has brought about webinars and YouTube, simulated meetings and online classrooms, gaming, and social media that serve similar joint concerns.

The best B school in Bangalore, the Global Institute of Business Studies, teaches entrepreneurship and is organized like an efficient business. That is the way it should be to set an example of robust productivity. Established in 2014, internships and placements connect the best companies with student futures and attract plush job designations to commence a lifelong business career. GIBS’s success can be attributed to the vision of the founders, the legacy of the faculty, and the physical resources in a well-designed sprawling oasis of a campus in suburban Bangalore.

Like the mighty branches of a tree, GIBS works through several ventures, namely, Academy, Social Foundation, Business Forum, Sports Academy, and Pathfinder Value Creations. Pathfinder is an event management company.

Getting behind the scenes of the event organization
While everybody appreciates events across the city and enjoys participation, realizing their intrinsic value, organizing them is the ultimate mystery. Like all ventures, human resources, money, services, and materials would be necessary, and managing them requires patience, perseverance, and honesty. Some mighty events do appear astronomical and require a superhuman effort, but nothing is impossible. Managing law and order issues become a significant aspect of the organization, and private security agencies take responsibility.
Learning Experiences for GIBS Students

It is vital that 21st-century students learn from a variety of sources rather than the classroom and books alone. Seminars and workshops, field visits, guest lectures, internships, and clubs and committees are some outlets for the students to apply classroom lessons and gather experiences. When they participate in event management, it is a world of professionalism and creativity that insists upon quality, integrity, and innovation.

Involvement in event management that revolves around a theme like literacy or sports, or health has many advantages for boys and girls. Along with personality development comes greater confidence through practical work in the real world — further, visibility and credibility increase. Opportunities to meet industry leaders and executives would increase the range of contacts so crucial in the business world. Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore find suitable opportunities to develop the skills and experiences of students to improve their professional chances and employability.


The scholarship begins with theories and books

It used to book alone for many generations until the software came along. Starting with fundamental methods, it is essential that the ideas are applied in practical terms. Along with recreational facilities like outdoor sports and indoor games, GIBS students are always on the move. The motivation comes from many sources, and the stunning Bangalore garden city and world-class business hub is a great inspiration too. The list of companies that crowd around Bangalore does not end, and the opportunities for good jobs are almost endless.
Corporate, social, and institutional events

The exciting world of events and entertainment has its due importance. In the world of movies and music, big businesses across countries like Walmart and trade and industry too require immense organizational powers. At the very peak are the administrators of the state, the lawmaking and enforcing bodies, and the security forces. Just imagine the complexity of structure and the effort required to manage them! Simply, students are learning the basics of organization. The fun way is the best approach to learning and getting a party or picnic together also requires the management of people, materials, and money.

The top 10 AICTE-approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore are often busy organizing events within the campus to celebrate national occasions. Freshers Day and farewell parties to the seniors communicate the spirit of living and studying together. Feelings develop over time, and lifelong friendships are often made along with business contacts. All the Seminars and workshops are directly related to the curriculum. Institute Foundation Day and Institute Annual Day carry a depth of feeling.

As business students, they are naturally more interested in corporate events that would require more complex arrangements and more significant resources. Board meetings and award ceremonies, product launches, and trade exhibitions are some such occasions. Business dinners and press conferences keep the corporate world moving where contacts are developed, and alliances made. Networking events online are getting important too nowadays. The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore do encourage active student participation.

We must not forget those emotion-filled social gatherings like birthday parties! A charity ball or student reunion holds a world of meaning for those concerned. The 2-year full-time AICTE-approved PGDM program wishes to bring many such event management opportunities to the students to develop their experiences and expertise.


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