GIBS PGDM Shines at SARANSH: A Review of the Top B-School’s Inter-University Competition Win

GIBS PGDM Shines at SARANSH: A Review of the Top B-School’s Inter – University Competition Win

Alliance University recently hosted SARANSH, an Inter-University Competition focused on Book Review. This competition provided students from various universities a platform to demonstrate their literary skills and knowledge of books. Open to both undergraduate and postgraduate students of any stream, participants were required to present a book review highlighting its themes, characters and overall impact on readers – the results were enthusiastically welcomed by participants across the country!

Bangalore, known for its IT innovation and entrepreneurial dynamism, boasts some of the finest business schools in India. Amongst these top schools is the GIBS PGDM, which recently secured first place in SARANSH, an Inter-University Competition focused on Book Review. The competition saw the participation of students from various universities and colleges across the region, making it a stiff competition for the students of GIBS PGDM.

GIBS PGDM stands as one of the premier graduate business programs in Bangalore, recognized for their high-quality PGDM program that ranks as one of the top 10 programs available here. Their rigorous coursework equips students with all of the skills and knowledge required for success in today’s ever-evolving business environment.

Bharath K, one of the students participating in SARANSH, was judged as the Best Speaker and awarded first place for his outstanding performance. The judges were highly impressed with his knowledge, presentation skills, and overall understanding of the book he reviewed. This win is a testament to the quality of the PGDM program offered by GIBS PGDM and the hard work and dedication of its students.

Moreover, Palak Bansal, who is also a part of the GIBS PGDM team, was declared the Best of the Best Speaker. Palak’s exceptional performance and her in-depth knowledge of the book she reviewed, earned her the top position in the competition.

Her presentation left an indelible mark on both judges and audiences alike, further solidifying GIBS PGDM as one of Bangalore’s premier PGDM colleges.

A panel of esteemed authors and literary experts judged this competition, scoring each participant according to presentation skills, knowledge of their books, originality in thinking and their presentation style. The winners of SARANSH were awarded cash prizes, certificates, and other recognition.

The competition offered students an invaluable chance to showcase their talents and gain experience in literary arts.

SARANSH was an incredible and well-organized event that provided students with a platform to demonstrate their literary talent and knowledge of books. This competition demonstrated Alliance University’s dedication to supporting arts and humanities programs while nurturing young talent across India.

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In conclusion, SARANSH was a huge success for the students of GIBS PGDM, and the college deserves special recognition for its hard work and dedication. This competition provided students a fantastic platform to display their skills and knowledge while learning and growing as individuals. As one of Bangalore’s premier PGDM/MBA colleges, GIBS PGDM continues to equip its students with all of the essential knowledge for succeeding in today’s fast-paced business world.


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