GIBS PGDM Students’ Industrial Visit to Titan Company

GIBS PGDM Students’ Industrial Visit to Titan Company

On a bright and promising morning on 9th September 2023, a group of 55 1st-year PGDM students from the prestigious GIBS Business School, recognized among the Top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore, eagerly gathered for an educational expedition. Their destination was the Titan Company, an iconic entity in the realm of fashion accessories, nestled within the expansive SIPCOT Industrial Complex Phase-1 in Hosur, Tamil Nadu. This excursion was more than just a field trip; it was a gateway to a practical understanding of how a manufacturing powerhouse operates.


Company Details

Titan Company Limited, the focal point of this industrial visit, is a distinguished Indian corporation renowned for crafting exquisite fashion accessories. Inaugurated in 1984, it emerged from a Joint Venture (JV) with the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation (TIDCO) and is now an integral part of the illustrious Tata Group. With its corporate headquarters strategically situated in Electronic City, Bengaluru, and its registered office based in Hosur, Tamil Nadu, Titan Company has earned a distinguished place in the global market.


Objectives of the Industrial Visit

The industrial visit to Titan Company was designed with multifaceted objectives. Firstly, it aimed to provide these budding business professionals with a tactile understanding of the intricate inner workings of a manufacturing facility. Moreover, it sought to unravel the company’s marketing strategies, unravel the dynamics of market competition, and offer glimpses of Titan Company’s promising future.


The Educational Odyssey

As the students stepped onto Titan Company’s sprawling premises, their curiosity was palpable. Divided into two groups to ensure a more intimate and immersive experience, each group was entrusted with an experienced guide who would act as their mentor through this educational voyage.


Their educational journey encompassed several vital units:

Machining: This segment showcased the precision and artistry involved in crafting Titan’s renowned timepieces and accessories.

Gear Hopping: Here, students gained insight into the intricate mechanics underpinning the company’s mechanical marvels, fostering a profound appreciation for watchmaking.

Assembly: The meticulous assembly process was unveiled, illuminating the pivotal role it plays in delivering products of impeccable quality.

Components: This leg of the tour emphasized the critical importance of each component, highlighting the meticulous attention to detail and quality control.

Burnishing: In this unit, students discovered the role of finishing touches in enhancing the aesthetics and allure of Titan products.

A remarkable revelation awaited them in the main assembly unit, where employees boasted an average work experience spanning an impressive 25 years. This longevity spoke volumes about the dedication and commitment of Titan Company’s workforce.


Management practices that were observed include:

Kaizen: A culture of continuous improvement, where employees at all levels contribute to enhancing processes.

5S (Seiri, Seiton, Seiketsu, Seisu, Shitsuke): A systematic approach to workplace organization and standardization, fostering efficiency and safety.


Following their immersive exploration of the manufacturing facilities, the students congregated in the auditorium for an enlightening briefing session by Mr. Francis, the head of Administration and Security at Titan Company. His presentation spanned a spectrum of crucial subjects:

Company History: The students delved into the captivating history behind Titan Company’s journey to becoming a preeminent fashion accessories conglomerate.

Product Portfolio: A comprehensive overview of Titan’s diverse range of offerings across global markets left the students awe-inspired.

Marketing Strategies: The presentation unveiled the company’s innovative marketing approaches and campaigns, offering a glimpse into the art of promoting iconic brands.

Competitors and Challenges: A candid discussion about market competition and the challenges confronted by the company provided a sobering view of the industry’s realities.

Future Prospects: The session concluded on a forward-looking note, sharing exciting prospects and innovations on Titan’s horizon.


Conclusion: A Journey of Discovery

The industrial visit to Titan Company proved to be an enlightening and enriching experience for the GIBS Business School PGDM students, affirming GIBS as the Best PGDM College in Bangalore. It transcended the confines of classroom learning, offering them a tangible connection to the corporate world. This immersive visit not only broadened their horizons but also reinforced the significance of practical exposure alongside theoretical knowledge.

As these young professionals set sail on their future careers, they carry with them the invaluable lessons and insights gleaned during their visit to Titan Company. It was a day of learning, discovery, and inspiration, emphasizing the pivotal role of such experiential opportunities in shaping the business leaders of tomorrow.