GIBS provides the finest internship opportunities in super companies

GIBS provides the finest internship opportunities in super companies

Global Institute of Business Studies in Bangalore Karnataka may possess world-class educational infrastructure, but the leadership and faculty are most important. Chairman Mr. Ritesh Goyal and Director Dr. K Aparna Rao are two of the distinguished luminaries who have succeeded in bringing a place of pride to GIBS among numerous similar business schools. Mr.RiteshGoyal received the “International Achievers Award for Education Excellence” for demonstrating leadership and was honored for lifetime achievements. Dr. K Aparna Rao was declared the Most Influential Director amongst the Top 100 Directors of India by the World Education Congress. GIBS marches on in the quest for accomplishment as an institution that primarily depends upon the successes of the eager boys and girls who have gathered from across the Indian states and certain countries abroad. The best B school in Bangalore has a long way to go yet amidst the dark woods of Indian education and business worlds and many promises to keep.


The mystique of the workplace!

With at least fifteen years and probably more spent on the different phases of education, what comes next? The answer is the posting with a private company or government agency and the professional life commences. The problem is that the world of books and the world of work do not coincide. Most Indian graduates are full of theoretical knowledge learned from books, classrooms, and multimedia sources online but cannot cope with the world of work. Bridging this void is a serious problem and GIBS aims to do exactly that.


The internship opportunity

Unlike the students in the advanced countries of Europe and America, Australia, and China, a great majority of Indian students have no experience in work. That is a serious disadvantage since they will probably spend their entire life in the services. Only a few business graduates and postgraduates would start their own companies. Given such a deficiency, it is important that sufficient work opportunities be provided to the students during the training in order to have a realistic understanding of what is expected of them during work.

After the orientation and the completion of the first year, the students get an internship opportunity with some leading companies for about seven weeks. Is that time sufficient to experience the world of work? Well, it is a profound beginning and whatever is learned in the classrooms will now be applied in practice. Understanding the real conditions of the working world and meeting and adjusting with people, cooperating, and getting things done, it is all on the agenda. Having been mentally prepared by the faculty, it does not come as a shock to the boys and girls though it may be intimidating in the beginning. Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore take internships very seriously and some of the same companies get impressed and offer appointments to particular students.


The fuel for growth!

It is only natural that companies are constantly trying to diversify, expand and stretch out with branches in more countries and localities. Consider a few examples like Mahindra and JW Marriott, Cadila- Pharmaceuticals, Dalmia Cement, and Brand Factory. Working with them opens up the heart, soul, mind, and spirit. Without fresh talent and new ideas, companies cannot develop further. Every enterprise needs to fly high and youthful talent keeps them going in the search for greater success. Several reputed companies repeatedly knock on the GIBS doors to grab the best students as they pass out each year. The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore practice a ‘give and take’ arrangement with the leading companies and Bangalore is lucky to have some of the greatest business chains worldwide. No wonder the students are succeeding so well with superb exposure to the mega-companies in a variety of sectors.


Hallmarks of meritorious service

Discipline and dedication to the interests of the company come first. Knowledge of the specialized field like retail business and applying the ideas is crucial. Fulfilling targets of service delivery or production is crucial too. Accepting responsibility and executing duties, leaving no stone unturned, and running the extra mile. That is how great entrepreneurs are made! The 2-year full-time AICTE-approved PGDM program provides the concepts and the motivation, the opportunities, and the path to a great business management career.


Reporting the internship

After the internship which reveals a lot of service truths, especially for those without previous work experience, the boys and girls prepare a report and share the experience with GIBS. Seriousness on the job and fulfilling duties on time and satisfactorily are often not achieved by many who may have a half-hearted approach to work. Be reminded that the top management has access to the maximum information and works the hardest. In the pyramid, only a few occupy the top leadership positions while the lower levels are filled by numerous workers. The top 10 AICTE-approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore will help to reach the top of the pyramid.


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