GIBS quest for social development continues with EDUTHON2k19

GIBS’ quest for social development continues with EDUTHON2k19

Education, health, and fitness being intimately related, over 130 spirited students participated in the grand beginning of a dedicated initiative. GIBS Social Foundation Trust organized the ‘EDUTHON2k19 – Run For Education’ Event that brought a tremendous response. Some things are universal, like the values that govern our lives. Health and education enrich our existence, and the weaker sections of society need enhancement. We need to go out to them to the distant villages and create awareness. Don’t you think it would be better to teach a man how to fish rather than merely distributing the things that they need?


The beginning of a rich legacy

‘EDUTHON2k19 – Run For Education’ Event on 11th May 2019 launches high hopes for underprivileged children by extending the torch of education and a chance to rise in life. Jobs and careers are directly related to literacy and vocational training, whether for short or long durations. Not every child is fated to endure the infinite process of school and college education. Elementary education and basic training would suffice to make ends meet and provide careers with adequate incomes.


Freedom through knowledge

Along with economic independence in a job that is possible through training comes the liberty of thought and willpower that transcends the world of ignorance. The strength resides in the mind that represents the peak. Promote literacy through books and teachers, and it is a world of freedom ‘where the mind is without fear, and the head is held high,’ according to Rabindranath Tagore.

Sportsmanship and humanity, physical fitness, and educational ideas are interrelated and complementary. The transformation of society is an enormous task, but it can be gradually achieved. Just like the ocean is primarily made up of a little drop of water, slow and sure efforts will surely succeed in the long run in building the just and caring society of our dreams.


GIBS spreads business dreams

Since 2014, the Global Institute of Business Studies in Bannerghatta, Bangalore, has been inspiring young boys and girls to build business careers embellished with values. Dedication to society and family, country, and traditions should go hand in hand. The professional accomplishments of the alumni should give something back to society and the institution that helped them to grow wings and fly all over the world with prestigious companies in international environments.


Multipronged ventures

Along with the dynamic GIBS Academy work, the sister organizations like GIBS SOCIAL FOUNDATION. GIBS BUSINESS FORUM and GIBS SPORTS ACADEMY have their independent pursuits too. All four of them are allied in their efforts to build a society of more excellent health and educational awareness.


A world of corporates surrounds us

The immediate environment of IT capital Bangalore and the world in general eats sleeps, and thinks in business terms! Never before in human history of thousands of years has existed the manufacture of goods and delivery of services on such a mammoth scale. The empires of mega-businesses today could be compared to the kingdoms of the olden days. Training business managers to shine in such a situation is challenging enough with updated ideas and skills. Preserving traditional values and resisting the urge to be starkly materialistic is stressful enough. A world of business is undoubtedly a world of big money and investment. The business aims for profit, and that has existed since the olden days. Getting carried away by money dreams needs to be avoided.


Corporate Social Responsibility Activity through GSF

GIBS Social Foundation is connected with the Government, Business, and Civil Society. Such a partnership can succeed better with joined hands. Neglected children and youth are the focus, and they need education most importantly. Literacy will lead to a better life with jobs and financial independence.

As is apparent, funds and donations will light up the way. Contributions in kind will also help the mission. Private donations, state funding by the government, and corporate funding provided by companies are all helping. Foreign funding also helps.

Dance, music, and magic shows by students collect money from ticket sales. Further fundraising activities that students can organize are leaflets and brochures. Sending out emails also get responses from donors. Donation boxes in shops and restaurants attract contributions. Candle and card sales generate income. A fundraising site on social media like Facebook and Twitter does create awareness and attracts donations.

Along with education, flood, and earthquake relief, activities are also supported by such funding.



First comes the consciousness and then comes the donation. Seminars on World AIDS Day, Environment Day, and Birthdays of National Leaders create awareness of the need to help backward children. Villagers need to be taught sanitation and cleanliness. Tree plantations are important. Orphanage and old age home donations and visits cheer up the inmates and entertainment keeps them happy.

Medical/blood donation camps have been an important activity. Used clothes and shoes, school bags, and books have been donated. Free services have been rendered at government hospitals. The quest continues endlessly.