GIBS reaps the inspiring benefits of foreign faculty

GIBS reaps the inspiring benefits of foreign faculty

Global Institute of Business Studies has come a long way in its march to excellence. In professional courses like business management, regular internships, and placements with leading companies in Bangalore and elsewhere indicate that the institution is on the right track. A smart blend of theory and practical knowledge forged by the versatile digital multimedia nowadays results in grooming top quality business managers who can shine in stressful situations. When it comes to educational institute, the role of the faculty has been paramount for many centuries in modern studies and even earlier in conventional learning. The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore appoint quality faculty to maximize student learning.


Indian education at the crossroads of development

While a lot of fuss is made about the achievements in Indian universities, world rankings do not give much credit. Indian universities hardly figure in the top 200 world universities. IITs and IIMs do command a lot of respect, though. The race is on, and striving will never end. What could be the shortcomings of education in India? Is it the infrastructure and finance, the faculty, or morale?


Living in a globalized world

The mass media starting with the television and now the internet has flooded India with international influences that extend from garments to automobiles. Jobs abroad have come closer through online applications and interviews. Politics and policies may protect the Indian sons of the soil, but international faculty represents a more accomplished background and research capability, speaking in general. A PH.D. Doctorate from Europe has enormous clout as compared to one from an Indian university with higher standards. Further, international teachers in India would promote harmony and understanding of global concerns and bring broader thinking to students. Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore wish for international faculty to improve student academic achievement.


Sustaining research through collaboration

When it comes to the knowledge question, it is not what we think today that matters but what will be revealed tomorrow. While online collaboration is ongoing worldwide, putting heads together in the classroom has its mighty rewards. Indian professors are excellent but don’t you think we should have some international teachers too? Some initial hiccups happen like understanding strange accents and different points of view but subject matter tallies like in finance and HRD.

Accepting ground realities and the fact that India has a long way to go to catch up with the advanced countries, how can the education gap be filled? Beginning with the will and the spirit, let us work hard to raise standards and struggle for betterment. Policies may be decided by the different governing agencies, but citizens certainly have a part to play towards the success of law and order. The applications of the rules require public cooperation. Most advanced countries do not have to struggle with mighty populations and their health and education, employment, and food problems. Following the path of China, India should be achieving what sometimes seems to be impossible on the way to development.The 2-year full-time AICTE approved PGDM program launches bright careers in business for social development.

Office of International Affairs in GIBS took up the challenge and arranged for leading international faculty members to bring new insights into the training process.

  • Prof.Bergstresser Daniel M.B.A. (Ph.D.)
  • Dr. Sandra Carver Ph.D., MBA
  • Prof. Robert Cha B.Tech., MBA
  • Dr.Graddy Kathryn Ph.D. PGDM (FIN.)
  • Prof. Jefferson Gary PGDBA (Marketing), PGDMC
  • Dr. David Clune Ph. D., MBA,
  • Prof. Rodney Smith MBA (Fin & Information Sys)
  • Dr. Zimmerman Grace E. Ph.D., PGDM (Human Resource Management)
  • Prof. Jennifer Bannick BSc (Engineering)
  • Prof. Matthew Aaker Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, M.Phil
  • Jeremy Bloom B.Tech, MBA
  • Nicholas Beiker PGDM


Diverse advantages of international faculty

The list presents leading lights in their fields of research and represents a world community of academics. Making a difference to intellectual worlds or the company we serve should be first on the agenda. Just like rivers merge with the sea, specific knowledge should aim for the higher consciousness. Eventually giving back to society and the institution that sustained you for a lifetime would be appropriate. The top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore aim to promote high academic standards.


The classroom inspiration

Starting from the first day in early schooling to the higher education levels, the classroom is the scene of intellectual action. As compared to online education and podcasts, videos and webinars, real encounters have a world of more significant meaning. It is like the practical wildlife experience in the zoo or the wild as compared to the television channels. Students are exposed to a different lifestyle and cultural and racial ethos with international teachers through the same English language. Are we not all the same in spite of the great variety of differences? Extending business contacts across the world, initially with the nearby countries, would be facilitated. International students also help a greater cultural understanding. Teacher and student exchanges involving study tours bring lots of innovative ideas. The best B school in Bangalore remains dedicated to student professional development.