GIBS recommends a life foundation for healthy habits

GIBS recommends a life foundation for healthy habits

While the students and faculty at the Global Institute of Business Studies work hard each day to design business careers, health is supremely talented. Young boys and girls on top of the world in high spirits in cosmopolitan Bangalore may not think of aging so soon. It is the law of nature that time is always ticking and healthy habits are best established young. The addictions like tobacco that are so common amongst the youth may turn into a killer in later days. Consider how common cancers of different types have become. Isn’t it better if such a habit was not started at all? If all tobacco and alcohol habits have commenced, they should be minimized, and excess avoided at all costs. Talk it over with health professionals before it gets really bad. The best B school in Bangalore does not wish to compromise the health and careers of students.


An active, energetic lifestyle

Though the young are physically active, excessive study often leads to listlessness and a stupor where the mind becomes stressed. Daily, if walking, running, or games is a habit, it is naturally refreshing. A game once a week will not help. It is well known that the inactive lifestyles of too much screen time on television and smartphones are the primary cause of health problems worldwide. The top 10 AICTE-approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore wish that the students are active daily.

Attending classes alone will not be enough though it may seem tiring. The brain is tired, but the body has not been exercised. Sitting through several hours of class is tedious enough. The same sitting action is repeated in offices all day long the world over. Get active during breaks and make up for the sloth. Once physically active, the mind gets refreshed too.


Antidote for Stress

It is only natural that students get stressed with assignments and may have worries about exam performance, the future, and careers. Stress comes from gadgets, too, in our digital lifestyle. It is mostly negative thinking, and imagination interferes with rational thought processes when you fancy things that are not factually true. The world has started believing in the positive effects of meditation and yoga that is physical and mental and not allied to any religious faith. Give them a try with lots of learning materials found online.


A balanced and nutritious diet

The GIBS hostel delivers excellent food, and regularly eating on time will form a part of that healthy lifestyle. Avoid overeating or eating too little. Drinking ample quantities of water is strongly recommended to remain hydrated and promote metabolism. Vegetables and fruits must form a compulsory part of the daily diet. A lot of people across the world are saying goodbye to meat for several reasons. Does the idea of vegetarianism appeal to you? Consider your priorities.

Brushing and flossing, along with washing and bathing regularly are undoubtedly essential parts of healthy and hygienic living. Bacteria in the mouth is believed to be the indirect cause of many health maladies. Beware! Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore recommends and stresses personal hygiene.


Regular sleep habits

Avoid the gypsy life of an unsettled existence! Just like food, sleeping hours should be regulated too for a 7-hour restful sleep daily. Sometimes there will be disruptions to the eating and sleeping routine like during journeys or hectic times at work. Try to cope with the disturbances temporarily, knowing that the regular schedule will soon resume. Those who face insomnia may be due to academic and exam stress should avoid medications and exercise and attempt mindfulness as a specific remedy.


Get connected via social media

Relationships are what life is all about. Meaningful relationships with family, colleagues, and friends will go a long way to promote careers and encourage a satisfying experience. Loneliness will not bother you, and depression will be avoided. While gadgets are getting very important, take breaks from technology and spend some time traveling and talking with people regularly. Indulge in hobbies and interests beyond that business theme that you study all the time. Go for outdoor activities.


A cheerful, positive approach

Much has been said about smiling and how it relaxes nerves and spreads positive vibes. Don’t we have a duty toward society? The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore believe in a friendly approach, and disputes should be talked over rather than lead to confrontations. Nip the problems big and small in the bud and keep the mind free from tensions. Avoid political or controversial subjects and concentrate on the syllabus and college requirements.

Expect much out of life and career while studying the 2-year full-time AICTE-approved PGDM program. The right postures and exposure to fresh air, home-cooked food, and a variety in the diet will help. Learning to be independent and take care of your own needs would be a great advantage professionally and in difficult area postings too.


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