GIBS reminds us of the limited preparation time before CAT 2019

While the nation is busy celebrating Independence Day and floods are ravaging some states, many anxious students are busy preparing for entrance exams. Such is the system to select students for entry into top-tier management institutions like the Global Institute of Business Studies in Bannerghatta, Bangalore. The best B school in Bangalore is now accepting admissions for the 2019 batch. Internships and professional placements with leading companies in the previous years prove that the time and the expense at GIBS will be richly rewarded with strong professional standing. If the quality of faculty and educational infrastructure are considered, here are the best. Cross the hurdle of the CAT 2019 with good scores on the way to successful semesters at GIBS!


How long does CAT 2019 preparation take?

Don’t forget that only three months are left before CAT 2019 on November 24. Some students may spend one year of costly institute coaching to prepare but is it really necessary? Even if you started now, successful preparation should be possible with the right motivation, study materials, and ample dedicated time. Instead of long preparation time being wasted, why not focus tightly on preparation and give it a lot of energy?

At the same time, don’t forget that mental labor brings exhaustion. The diet is important and adequate sleep and rest, exercise, and play would refresh the mind between study sessions. Keeping up to date with the daily news and reading newspapers has a positive impact on exam preparation. Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore recommend an active media-filled exam preparation.


Individual strong and weak areas

Get familiar with the CAT 2019 syllabus and examination format. The three hourly sections are VARC: Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension, DILR: Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning, and Quant: Quantitative Ability.

Most of us know what we are good at and where our weakness lies. It is mathematical ability and language comprehension. After identifying weak areas, it will be possible to give them more time and attention. Mock tests, books, and other study materials would help understand individual ability and performance better.


Coaching institutes

Not all students are dependent upon institutes for preparation. Some toppers did not attend institutes. However, we must accept the fact that the institutes have a great deal of professional experience and have been coaching for years. They understand study techniques well and can personally help students. Such coaching is costly and not every student can afford it. Some students are not comfortable studying in a group and may prefer a personal tutor.


Confident self-study

Several top rank holders in previous CAT exams did not attend coaching institutes. Perhaps they were sheer genius. The weaker students may need the encouragement of institutes or tutors. Students who went for tutors every year should continue such a system now. Those who are confident with self-study should first understand the syllabus and the exam format. Collect ample study materials and build a portfolio of notes and question papers from earlier years. Though studying alone, maintain contact with a group of students who are also busy with the same task and exchange notes and ideas. The top 10 AICTE-approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore think that data processing is the chief activity involved.


A basic timetable plan

As a rough estimate, since three months are left, why not spend a month on each of the three sections? It is not a rigid timetable and more time could be spent on the weak areas.


Building up understanding, speed, and accuracy

Improved performance comes only with practice and more practice. That idea applies to every industry like sports and entertainment, managers and divers! The time factor only means that the work must be fast enough. At the same time, accuracy and correctness will be needed to score high.

Mock tests and questions from previous years should be attempted firstly on a sectional basis of an hour each. Once that is done successfully, attempting the entire exam in one sitting should be practiced. After analysis, weak areas would be visible and more time and effort should solve them.


Maintain a positive approach

Realistic exam preparation needs to maintain high morale. Avoid giving way to negative thoughts. Life is made up of challenges in one way or the other all through the long life journey. With the right understanding and strategy, the best study materials like books, and question papers, and guided by tutors or even self-study, scoring the qualifying marks should be possible. Don’t forget that each section should show a good score for IIM requirements. Always remember that the 2-year full-time AICTE-approved PGDM program assures excellent career prospects.


Time is short!

With three months left, you should be neck deep now and fully involved in the systematic exam preparation. For those who have neglected the work earlier and are waking up at the last moment, perhaps the institute or tutor help would be best, just to make sure that the focus remains on the important areas. It is important that the exam preparation ends at least a week before the CAT 2019 exam on November 24 so that you have some time to rest and relax. The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore pray for your success.


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