GIBS stresses a hobby or particular interest to supplement business activity

GIBS stresses a hobby or particular interest to supplement business activity

We have heard about hobbies since very early in our school days. Almost everybody probably has one favorite activity, like music or gardening, to pursue. When college and higher education are reached, it is a different lifestyle with a whole new universe opening up. Those innocent pleasures are often forgotten in search of greener pastures. It would be a big mistake to give up those hobbies you started in school life or perhaps your interests have changed. More mature interests have probably taken root in the plunge for a career, and business studies can be a complicated undertaking. Global Institute of Business Studies wishes that the boys and girls continue the hobbies they grew up with.


Business careers cannot occupy the entire life

The top 10 AICTE-approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore groom you for business careers. It is good to be wholly engrossed in taking up the business challenge. We have always been taught that work and play are apart. Recreation is necessary to overcome stress, and physical activity is essential, sports and games have become rather common, and rightly so. Physical fitness is very crucial to excellence in a job that requires massive endurance. Though job duties appear simple enough to start with, they multiply as we go along the career path as more responsibilities are thrust upon us. The best B school in Bangalore wishes to inculcate the need for a second particular interest that could supplement the job. Consider the example of driving skills that would become an asset on the job or the ability to render first aid.


Hobbies and special interests mentioned on resumes

In filing job applications and hoping to be considered favorably, those additional activities would attract attention and make the resume stand out among hundreds. In keeping with the nature of the job and the cultural and religious background of the company, certain hobbies would carry weight. Community work, Church Activities, and Volunteer Work stress the human spirit which would be seen as a great advantage. Artistic activities like music and painting, dance, and drama would attract attention too.

However, a genuine interest perhaps pursued from school days would be a valuable asset rather than faking up something to mention in the resume for better standing in the job! A hobby like photography could become an asset to the company and might attract such duties during occasions. Such activity could also generate an income, now that prices are continually increasing. Meanwhile, the technology boost is leading to more developments in the photo, and video field and the interest widens. Joining a club or social media would keep the excitement growing over the years.


A cure for boredom

The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore realize the need to hold student interest with a variety of activities. The GIBS campus offers several activities like games for students to participate in according to interests. Along with the present, think of the future on the job. Along with global problems like climate change, personal glitches like boredom are universal. Hobbies and special interests will get rid of that monotony of work with almost every job being repetitive.

Just imagine the boring evenings after work, tired after the day’s physical and mental labor. Why not seek a hobby that would be productive? Gardening and writing are some activities that have results to show and profits may be earned through vegetables in the backyard or publishing articles and stories that are paid for. With time, these skills would grow, slowly and surely, and working in a group would be so much better.

While fishing and hunting are productive too, they involve the infliction of pain and the destruction of life. Some compassionate philosophies would not think favorably of such activities.

Those without specific interests and unsure of themselves could consider the stress-reducing benefits of mindfulness and yoga. Every job and even student life generates stress, and such activities bring bliss to mind and body too. Also, if no chances to participate are immediately available, start researching these subjects to achieve a more in-depth understanding. Opportunities will come. With so much study material available for free online, it will not be challenging to do. Joining a club or association would be even better. The 2 years full-time AICTE-approved PGDM program does promote positive activities to build interests and awareness like the several clubs and committees on the campus. Avoid political activities.


Avoid hurry or haste

While talking about careers, it is a process of decades! Take it easy, and time will bring many rewards. Dedication to social causes like bringing health and education to the deprived are worthy pursuits. Depending upon interests, animal care is exemplary too. Just like the passion for business, a second commitment would be in order and necessary in these difficult times. It would sustain interest, kill boredom, and help society. During the aging process, it will prevent cognitive decline and keep you fit and healthy, active, and alert. Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore wish you immense success in your career goals.