GIBS stresses value-based socially committed careers in business

GIBS stresses value-based socially committed careers in business

The study and practice of business do appear to be money-oriented because some unfair practices have given entrepreneurship a lousy name. Trade wars and intense rivalry through advertising to attract customers have been the norm. The recent controversy over American tariffs upon imported goods from China is a real-time case in point. On the other hand, the vast trade in fake goods and counterfeit currencies diminish the image of the business and technology in the public eye.

Since the earliest times, the business has existed to generate monetary profits, but some standards and values have to be followed like fixing the profit margins. International, national, and state rules and conventions would apply to Indian businesses that are reaching very high with all the benefits of advanced technology that has enhanced education and skills. Excessive MRP will not work because of the competition, especially online, that will offer the same goods at cheaper rates. Besides, online shopping is so convenient too!

The best B school in Bangalore, Global Institute of Business Studies in Bannerghatta, believes that business must have a human face! Robots cannot build and run a business though AI and automation play essential roles. A system of values must guide business policies, and social traditions must be maintained. Otherwise, it would be piracy and crime and not a legitimate business. Fraud may have the same profit motive but unethically.


Duties towards society

While the parents and community have nurtured the child from day one right through school and college, the question of giving back naturally arises. According to the level, is it not a duty to contribute to social causes and render a helping hand to the economically weak and socially backward? GIBS Social Foundation deals with Corporate Social Responsibility Activities relating to Government, Business, and Civil Society. Education for deprived children and youth is a significant thrust. Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore are playing a part in uplifting disadvantaged kids by catering to their educational needs.


Sustaining Education and Health

The 2-year full-time AICTE approved PGDM program stresses concern for humanity as a part of the career path. Consider social welfare from any point of view, and the fact is evident that education and health are the chief concerns. In a nation of 1.3 billion people like India, how does one ensure that the basic literacy and a healthy existence reach everybody? While scholarship allows independence and training bring an earning capability, health and hygiene provide a disease-free life for the family and the generation.

Awareness is most essential, and nowadays, the highly advanced media through audio and video files is powerful enough to change the thoughts of people. A desire to help the less fortunate is the beginning of the change. Volunteers are needed materials, and money too. Starting at the grassroots level and working upward, research and studies of local populations and particular regions suggest that much improvement has been achieved. Change can come, and change has come already, positive changes that have brought smiles to many. As a result of the ‘swach Bharat’ campaign, is it not true that the construction of toilets made a significant difference to the villages?

Competitions and seminars on World AIDS Day, Environment Day, and Birthdays of National Leaders are some surprising ways that awareness may be generated. In the villages, educating the people on sanitation, cleanliness and good habits would promote better lifestyles.

Traditional business families have indeed succeeded for generations without formal education. Knowing the secrets of running a business, they did not need schooling to learn the trade. Now that the world is so much technologically advanced, they will need to keep in touch with the changing trends. The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore will teach them the essential lessons to succeed globally amidst tight competition.



With an eye on social development activities and helping the weaker section achieve better education and health, the GIBS social foundation has come a long way. Putting a smile on the face has succeeded very well and is ongoing. Orphanages and old age homes do need attention and cheering up with songs and dances along with whatever gifts they could be given.

Wherever it is possible, vocational training and teaching skills would begin a new chapter in people’s lives. Arts and crafts are taught within a few weeks, and small incomes could be thus generated. Once a new activity is taken up by an organized group, success will follow rather soon. It is the mind that must think positively, and a dedication to values would avoid any wrongdoing.

The top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore certainly consider it their duty to impart value education along with the business skills and knowledge. The faculty shares in the mission of fostering a concern for the underprivileged and a desire to elevate them in terms of education and health. The task of improving the lot of the backward Indian population may sometimes look impossible, but there is nothing that cannot be achieved if you set your heart to it. Joining hands and hearts, resources, and money, it is one step at a time before the social welfare goals are achieved successfully.