GIBS students get wise about dental matters at the free camp

GIBS students get wise about dental matters at the free camp

The universal tendency is often to take things for granted, particularly at a young age! Students may be leading a golden life but it is best to keep eyes and ears open and maintain receptive minds to learn new thoughts and ideas. Students at the Global Institute of Business Studies get a world of opportunities extending to academic and professional concerns. Many are valuable learning experiences on and off the 4.5-acre world-class campus with an elaborate educational infrastructure in Bannerghatta in the periphery of Bengaluru.


Dental concerns and the free checkup camp

Research reveals that dental problems are on the rise with the great prevalence of starchy and sugary fast foods. Yet, technology has advanced so much that treatments are faster and better besides being cheaper. Prevention is certainly the best cure and healthy, hygienic brushing habits inculcated at a young age would stand the best chances of lifelong healthy teeth. Regular visits to the dentist for routine checkups and cleaning would minimize the possibility of tooth decay.

The young boys and girls at the best B school in Bangalore hopefully will take teeth more seriously. Rather than consider teeth in isolation, they should be seen in association with the face and jaws, gums, and bone. If these are healthy, it is a great boost to the confidence and the competitive spirit has many peaks to conquer. Pretty teeth generate sweet smiles that form an important asset in professional and social life. Crooked teeth could be set right early for a lifetime of smiles.



Dr. Gayathri P. (BDS, Endodontist) conducted the free dental checkup and consultation for the UG students of GIBS on February 2nd, 2019. PARTHA DENTAL has spread its wings in over a hundred centers across the three states of Karnataka, Andhra, and Telangana. With 22 years of service, their happy patients run into several lakhs. Gibs students got a rare opportunity and hopefully, they will take care of general health in addition to dental health.


The rise of lifestyle diseases

The students in this leading business school hail from many states in India and several countries abroad. In general, it is an inactive lifestyle that leads to several diseases usually later in life like blood pressure and diabetes. At an early age, the decision to lead a robust life with regular physical activity would reduce diseases and ensure healthy longevity.

Caring for teeth would ensure that decay does not occur. Basically, decay leads to many complications like cavities that require fillings and root canal treatments. Regular dental checkups would detect the problems at an early stage and prevent complications that could get serious. Costly treatments may then be needed. The gums also need attention. Tobacco and alcohol are some factors that lead to teeth problems and stain and corrupt the teeth.


Appropriate dental treatments

The traditional approach has been to avoid the dentist. It is a mistake to seek dental services only when problems arise. Correcting irregular teeth or shaping the teeth with veneers would make a great difference to the happiness level. Whitening procedures would leave the teeth so much fairer if stained by tobacco and certain foods.


An eye-opener for the smartly dressed students!

PARTHA DENTAL deserves credit for generating interest in dental health in students who stand at the threshold of their careers. After a few semesters, they would hopefully be placed in some of the companies that have become so common in Bengaluru, a global IT destination. Successful careers cannot be imagined without a pretty set of teeth and the consciousness was certainly aroused. Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore teaches many lessons to students and this was one practical lesson they would apply all lifelong. Caring for teeth will never end throughout life with the daily ritual of brushing and regular checkups ensuring optimum dental health.

Awareness is at the root of existence in spite of the endless complexities of the 21st century. Surrounded as we are by many media forms that bring endless information, common sense is often lacking. In educational institutions, there are lots of friends. Otherwise, it is social media friends that are numerous but few who will help out in case of trouble. Instead of excessive information, the appropriate skills and expertise would help out in difficult situations. Health, survival, and self-defense are some of the important aspects of life along with the basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing.

The bright and dynamic youngsters did look and feel enlightened about dental matters and the common issues that many people face. Preventive measures and regular checkups would greatly increase the chances of maintaining robust teeth into old age. Thanks to Partha Dental Clinic and Dr. Gayathri P., the students got another important lesson in the pursuit of business knowledge and excellence in professional careers. Global Institute of Business Studies wishes them success.