GIBS students, past and present, have sweet things to say

GIBS students, past and present, have sweet things to say

Just like people talk about luck favoring individuals, a similar fate has been kind to some deserving institutions like GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS STUDIES. The college that is located in Bangalore, Karnataka, has many advantages like the numerous international companies that have set up offices nearby. Valuable internships and top placements are available for the boys and girls without long travel.

A set of qualified and industry experienced teachers from India and abroad provided exceptional training in the ways of business. Among several hot professions, it could well be said that the company occupies the apex simply because every enterprise in any sector could be termed a business activity. Though profits drive business, the honorary services also have to work according to similar principles of managing money and human resources, raw materials, and delivery of services.


Alumni and the present batches are full of praise

Parents and teachers play crucial roles in human life at the earliest stages and set the standards for a lifetime. The alumni and the current students feel that GIBS has blessed them with an abundance of knowledge and skills that stand them in good stead while pursuing professional careers. While it is a duty to give back to the college and the society that molded the student careers, they remain eternally grateful and render help and moral support to the college initiatives. Social work objectives to spread health and education even in remote areas is an ongoing activity here.


Family Spirit of Sharing and Mutual Trust

A visitor to the 4.5-acre campus is immediately struck by the togetherness that is found in the classrooms and library, cafeteria and seminars. Though we fight life’s battles alone, we learn and grow together. That has been the policy since early schooling when teamwork and leadership were stressed. Life may be getting complex in college, but academic success will not be achieved without joining hands and exploring business mysteries together. The best B school in Bangalore has succeeded in building up a fraternity that works together and aims for common goals beneficial to all.


‘Evolving’ is a constant life principle

To evolve and to grow is an aspect of life common to all forms of life that never halt but continuously grow, evolve, and adjust to circumstances. During the few semesters that the students spend in the Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore, it is a constant story of evolution. Unlike the growth of an insect or a flower, business personalities are unfolding, and the ripe conditions facilitate such a transformation. It is a nicely arranged business universe represented by the faculty, the educational infrastructure, the books, and the internet. There is not a moment to rest because the business world is always on the move.


GIBS feels like a resort for students

In a world taken over commercially by healthcare and hospitality corporates that work according to significant business principles, GIBS appears resort like. A business approach does bring discipline and adherence to work ethics that creates an aura of achievement and success. The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore do appear like dedicated businesses that resemble holiday resorts in remote locations. Modern educational institutions have started resembling glossy hotels and hospitals with a range of facilities according to world-class standards. Nothing seems to be lacking in the infrastructure. Working like a self-contained township with absolute security, health, and transport, food and communication facilities along with study and research, games and hobbies, are all available.


Human Resources and Marketing

Along with finance and raw materials, understanding of the complexities of Human Resources and Marketing would be crucial in the business arena. Some students feel that the case studies and practical examples discussed in classes helped them understand well. Besides, education cannot really be regarded as a business that involves buying and selling. The accomplished Professors nurture youngsters like parents and light up their path. Those who wish to embark on business careers would be awed by the mysteries of the business world that the planet has now become. A little at a time is the best policy.


Grateful for the admission!

It can be said that the parent institutions showed the way considering the many successful business professionals from several colleges across the world. While unemployment figures are high in India with the never-ending process of applications for jobs and unsuccessful interviews, why not join GIBS? The top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore solve the career problem with internships and placements with reputed companies, many of whom regularly recruit here. The hurdle is the admission that requires an admission test and adequate finance. Those who are motivated to enter business services or start their own independent enterprises with smart ideas will undoubtedly find a way.

Hopefully, the boy and girls who have the aptitudes and the skills will find a way to study the 2-year full-time AICTE approved PGDM program. It is a world where tomorrows exist, and the nightmare of searching and finding good jobs will not occur. ‘Campus to Corporate’ policies will take care of that.