From GIBS to Glory: Praveen Raj and Vitthal Raju’s Victory at Rudraksh 2023 Management Fest: The Power of Innovation, Research and Entrepreneurship (IRE)

From GIBS to Glory: Praveen Raj and Vitthal Raju’s Victory at Rudraksh 2023 Management Fest: The Power of Innovation, Research, and Entrepreneurship (IRE)

GIBS Business School is committed to delivering excellence in management education and has been recognized as one of the top management institutes in India. The recent success of two of its students, Mr. Praveen Raj and Vitthal Raju, who won the 1st prize in New Horizon College Management fest Rudraksh 2023, is a testament to the quality of education provided by the institution. This achievement demonstrates the effectiveness of GIBS in preparing its students for their future growth and making them ready for the corporate world.

GIBS Business School has implemented several initiatives to provide its students with practical experience and hands-on exposure to the corporate world. One such initiative is the GIBS Finishing School, which is designed to provide additional training to students in various soft skills that are essential in the corporate world. The program focuses on enhancing the communication and presentation skills of students, along with personal grooming and etiquette.

GIBS IRE School plays an instrumental role in shaping students’ futures by offering a holistic approach to Innovation, Research, and Entrepreneurship (IRE). Innovation is at the core of any competitive market; therefore, this school encourages creative thinking while supporting innovative solutions.

The IRE School provides students with an exceptional platform to demonstrate their entrepreneurial acumen and foster creative thought processes. The Innovation lab enables the students to experiment with different ideas and test them to bring them to reality. The Research lab helps students understand research methodology and conduct studies related to their fields of study. Meanwhile, the Entrepreneurship lab offers students an opportunity to hone their business acumen and become successful entrepreneurs.

Through IRE school, GIBS prepares students to become future leaders who can face challenges and emerge as winners in the competitive market. Student Entrepreneurship programs encourage young people to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, think differently, and come up with unique solutions which have an immediate and positive effect on society.

The IRE School has helped the students of GIBS to stand out and win several accolades in various national-level management fests. The school’s dedication to grooming future leaders has resulted in the success of students like Mr. Praveen Raj & Vitthal Raju, who won the 1st prize in New Horizon College Management fest Rudraksh 2023.

Conclusion: GIBS IRE School is an extraordinary initiative that equips its students to think creatively and stay ahead in a competitive market. Not only does IRE School prepare its students for future growth but it also equips them with the right skills and knowledge needed to become successful entrepreneurs. Through this school, GIBS is molding an army of young leaders with distinct ideas and entrepreneurial experts who are ready to face whatever challenge may come their way.

GIBS Business School understands the fast-evolving nature of business, and as such strives to equip its students with all of the tools needed for success in an ever-evolving environment. Recognizing its students are its greatest assets, this institution devotes time and resources towards nurturing and equipping them for future success.

The success of Mr. Praveen Raj and Vitthal Raju in the New Horizon College Management Fest Rudraksh 2023 is a reflection of the quality of education and training provided by GIBS Business School. Institution has demonstrated its dedication to excellence not just with words, but through actions as well. Their focus on providing practical training, industry exposure, and nurturing environment has produced students prepared to face the rigors of the corporate world.

At GIBS Business School, their commitment to equipping their students with the necessary skills and knowledge for success in corporate environments is evidenced through their recent success. Initiatives like the GIBS Finishing School and IRE School ensure their students are well-prepared for the challenges ahead. GIBS continues to set the bar in management education while simultaneously producing leaders who will make a lasting difference in the business world.


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