GIBS takes a step towards spreading the light of knowledge!

GIBS takes a step towards spreading the light of knowledge!

We know it is not easy to get that one dream job that you have your eye on. It takes a whole new level of dedication and knowledge to stand out from the crowd. Honestly, it is not easy at all.

The only way to make the cut is to prepare yourself with more knowledge and skills. No wonder the demand for PGDM courses has skyrocketed. It is one of the easiest ways to upgrade your knowledge, learn about the industry and imbibe skills that are befitting to the corporate world.

What really matters is a good college. A proper well-structured learning plan is the key to achieving success. A good college will help you find the right path in your career and give you experience beyond the classroom.

A PGDM course is a professional course that enables students to become the best version of themselves and become valuable professionals. The industry-relevant curriculum broadens the horizons of knowledge for them.

As we mentioned earlier, PGDM is a professional course which means it involves practical learning activities, guidance from industry experts, and ample extracurricular activities.

The only time you might face a challenging situation is when you are finding the right college among the many that the country hosts. Among the many colleges, the Global Institute of Business Studies stands tall with its excellent features. It is one of the best PGDM colleges in Bangalore.


GIBS and its unique ways to shape your career!

One of the top colleges in the country, the Global Institute of Business Studies has been taking revolutionary steps to give students access to endless opportunities. Enlightening students with quality education and training for a better career.

From mental health to corporate experiences, GIBS has initiated various programs to give students holistic development. An access to expert’s knowledge and experiences is like gold for a professional who is just starting.

Recently, GIBS started a series of free webinars and panel discussions with some of the best corporate leaders, top universities, and internationally acclaimed resources. The aim is to spread the light of knowledge.

The free aspect is a feature that helps many to access top-notch education without worrying about hefty fees. The vision is to nurture future leaders and give them maximum exposure.

They hosted Dr. Kunal Saxena, a renowned name across industries, to speak on the Career Prospects in Digital Marketing. Addressing the current job scenarios, Dr. Saxena spoke about some of the challenges and opportunities that the industries are being challenged with.

He spoke about how digital marketing is expanding every minute and addressed the passion for technology. He spoke about the increasing impact of technology on people and how this is a chance for young and future leaders to bring a change that is worthy enough and makes life simpler.

GIBS trains its students to manage the business and allows every student to understand every aspect of a business. This series of free webinars by experts from the industry and top universities are bringing the whole country closer to better education.

GIBS is on a mission to change the entire country in terms of education. The webinar was free for people who are not a part of GIBS as well. This dedication to educating people has made GIBS one of the best business schools in the country.

The webinar by Dr. Saxena was an interesting take on the digital world. He spoke about the upside and the downside of digital marketing. He threw light upon the various things that digital marketing has that can be kept in mind while the students are making their digital portfolios or resume.

He explained many tips and details about digital marketing like how search engine optimization works, how it can be used to create more visibility, and much more. All this for free!

Today as the economy is reviving, GIBS is offering free education to empower young minds and future leaders. Their expertise and teaching pedagogy that is carefully created by the experts is now available to the world.

They offer an array of exclusive programs to their students like the IRE school which promotes innovation, research, and entrepreneurship. This school is a thoughtful initiative that enables students to grow exponentially. It inculcates skills and enhances caliber to make the students ready for the real world.


GIBS – Host to your success story!

We spoke a lot about how college is an extremely important part of your pursuit of success. GIBS is a very comprehensive approach to a knowledgeable experience. The students are blessed with opportunities and activities that enhance their skills like creative and critical thinking, decision-making, and more.

The industry-relevant curriculum is delivered by faculty members with decades of experience. The educational experience is a mix of theory and practical, helping students to learn the application as well.

Placements are excellent at GIBS, its associations allow them to bring some of the biggest companies for recruitment and internships. The placement cell is constantly working towards bringing the students closer to their dream careers. GIBS Bangalore Placement cell is known for its efficiency.

GIBS is a complete package for you, come make the most of it!


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