GIBS – The melting pot for education, ideas and innovation- February 2, 2016

GIBS – The melting pot for education, ideas and innovation

A university, a college, a school or any educational institution for that matter has to be an amalgamation of knowledge resource, culture, sports and integration of ethics. But in this melee of learning and sometimes unlearning too, it is necessary to give the students the right balance of freedom, enjoyment and conducive environment for their personalities to grow so that they become worthy citizens of the country.

GIBS is one such institution which has been propelling its students to do better than their best along with nurturing their other talents and interests. The plush GIBS campus is always brimming with enthusiastic students busy with putting their innovative activities to use with the right guidance of their able teachers.

GIBS with its elite MBA programmes are sure to bind the right set of educative and pioneering ideas into the young minds who will shape the future of the country. At GIBS, the unique competence lies in their innovative teaching. It comprises of a balanced mix of studies, presentations, panel discussions, role plays; simulation exercises, industrial visits and games, etc. GIBS is undoubtedly one of the best institutes for MBA in India.

GIBS is continually driven toward innovation. Each of the GIBS programmes is taught by world-renowned GIBS faculty who apply a research-based approach unique to GIBS education. The students are from across the globe who are encouraged to evaluate the practical issues facing modern business and challenges faced by today’s leaders.

Yes, GIBS is a melting pot of education, ideas and innovation. The students walk in as unmolded, eager to learn youngsters; and walk out as confident and ready to take on the world young men and women who shape the future of the economy.