GIBS Business School the perfect center for practicing commitments in life.

Commitments are the prime factor that proves the basic education of the students.

If you want to be a personality in the future, then some basic grooming is very important. GIBS provides excellent infrastructure and vital elements that increase the commitment sense of a student. While you are spending the institutional life, then you would get some sub-organizations in the GIBS.

The clubs and committees would attach you with big families. Here, you can understand the rules of being in a society, living in big families, adjusting with others, and many others. Here, you would know how different committees would add some more during student life.


The clubs and committees:

The students of GIBS would be able to join in different clubs, like,

  • Gardening,
  • Cultural,
  • Sports & Fitness,
  • Library,
  • Maintenance, and others.

There are some clubs like

  • Photography,
  • Finance,
  • Marketing,
  • Entrepreneurship, and others.

Along with it, some important cells like

  • Information Technology,
  • Sponsorship and others

are in regular action in the GIBS Business School, Bangalore. These organizations have different features and rules of the run. Here, students can spend some time with different activities and without any pressure. Students would learn to be more sensible and humane in future life.


Gardening and maintenance

This committee arranges different ventures like cleaning the campus, planting, grass trimming, and different maintaining projects. Here, the student can participate. The committee organizes different actions regularly. A student can participate in the ventures. Being close to nature, students can refresh their mood. Maintenance habits would develop another good side of the students.


Administrative works

If you have an interest in the administrative works of an institution, then you might like the Library, Internship, and placement committees. These organizations would make you volunteer to work under professional and experienced workers. A student has to do many works, like monitoring other students, book reviews, noting down the needed books, look through the internship process, and much more. It would increase the knowledge of administrative works. While the volunteers are attached to the library department, then they can get additional time for book reading.


Sports & Fitness

it is a simple organization and students of GIBS would get a prosperous sports committee. The organization has in-house fitness trainers, Yoga teachers, and sports trainers to keep the body and mind fit of the students. Anybody can participate in different sports ventures. The psychologists say that every person should participate in fitness training. While you are a student of GIBS, then you are getting easy to avail infrastructure. Therefore, you must utilize it. Thus, the brains would more active and students can catch much difficult mathematics effortlessly. The sports committee brings national sports figures on occasions and arranges different sports tournaments. Water polo is a popular tournament. Sports refreshes the students, so many students had participated in the past. While you have joined the institution, then you must not miss the excellent chance.


Cultural and talent hunts committee

This committee plays a great role in the students’ careers. If you have an interest in theatre, music, dance, and other art, then the regular arrangement of the committee would pull that talent from you. The bright students of GIBS were regular members of the cultural club. Many students have invented their acting skills, dance skills during the participation. It does not refresh the mood, but also it can penetrate you intellectually. Reading good books, literature, dramas, and discussing serious subjects would change the viewpoint of life. If you can acquire these senses in student life, then you would get a lot of benefits in the future. As a person, you can differentiate yourself from society.



There are different cells at GIBS, like, photography, finance, entrepreneurship, and marketing. These clubs would attach the students with different subjects. Here, the students can feel free to work.



Actually, the motif of these organizations is to increase the essence of commitment and community feeling in the students. With a vision of perfect human creation, GIBS is regulating different clubs and committees for their students.