GIBS to host the largest Business Meet of the New Year 2018 @ the global – January 03,2018

GIBS to host the largest Business Meet of the New Year 2018 @ the global

Business summits do appear like grand parties and cuisine and beverages, furniture, lighting and conference facilities are necessary to promote corporate appetites. Global Institute of Business Studies deserves praise for being a superb training ground that propels business managers and motivates corporate performance. Established in 2001, GIBS in Bangalore has reached international limelight with dynamic training records along with excellent internship and placement records in leading companies. GIBS is working out plans to establish branches in India and abroad after their phenomenal success and recognitions and awards.

Meanwhile, batches of MBA and PGDM besides BBA and BCom come and go. The New Year would mean another round of admissions and initiations, settling down to academic life and the flowering of youthful dreams. Each batch should reach higher in the quest and set their sights even bigger to achieve the impossible.


A Business Meeting of International Dimensions

As a result of the GIBS alumni spreading out across the world in their search for professional excellence, a rich network of business contacts now exists with major companies. Besides, GIBS maintains tie-ups with several institutes and universities abroad to step up research and generation of knowledge, sharing of responsibilities and teacher and student exchanges. Such an international exposure results in mutual benefit and shared values and concerns. When many such business leaders get together in 2018 @ the GIBS global campus, it would be time not only for learning but also the creating of business links. An impetus to industry and a growth of skills and knowledge would certainly transpire. Above all, it is the motivation to grow further as a result of joint efforts that is forthcoming at such a get-together.


What can business meets achieve?

Opening up to external influences is the secret recipe for business success. No enterprise has succeeded in remoteness and behind closed doors though confidentially in professional matters is recommended. Putting minds, heads, and hearts along with souls together helps the business to grow and reach for the stars! That give and take has become tremendously facilitated nowadays with the growth of the social media. You are never isolated nowadays even during lonely journeys. The world lies within a few taps on the smartphone virtual keyboard.

Conferences, workshops and seminars like the recent global business event in Hyderabad attended by Ivanka Trump point to what can be achieved when big business leaders converge together like a beehive. The results are not immediately apparent and it is true that many months and years may pass before the outcomes are really felt and seen. Rome certainly cannot be built so fast. Like the cake gradually rising in the baking process, businesses need a hibernating period to grow to perfection.

Agreements and the golden handshake lie at the heart of business mergers and acquisitions that are needed to launch large enterprises. Whether it is telecommunications or food delivery, app manufacture, logistics, electronics, social work etc., the heads come together and take crucial decisions that work like cement to amalgamate different elements. How do companies arrange for finance, office space, raw materials, manufacture of products or services being rendered, besides human resources and advertising? Such matters find quick solutions at those glittering events.


A galaxy of business venues available in Namma Bengaluru

Starry hotels and resorts, business centers and conference halls offer infinite facilities to streamline business meets. Not only do they offer state of the art facilities with lavish seating and cuisine, they offer all the media and software facilities that would take care of crucial issues. Whether it is the screening of films or large seating accommodation, air-conditioned well-decorated venues, it would be a pleasure to participate in such events that boost productivity. Professionalism has reached high levels in the face of globalization that has raised the standards of language and communication, ethics, and values, and opened up the mind and consciousness to international horizons.


The GIBS global campus is constantly busy with learning activities

It is obvious that study based on books alone behind the walls and closed doors of educational institutions would not suffice in the demanding 21st-century world. GIBS has the boys and girls constantly on their toes with learning activities that apply the lessons learned within the classroom walls. Quality improvement programs, placement training, and personality building, meeting with industry leaders and field visits to feel the pulse of corporations are very much on the agenda. Human Resources has taken on additional important meanings nowadays when it is realized that companies live and die according to the merits and achievements of the workforce. Clubs and committees provided another challenging avenue to realize the dreams of the young boys and girls who have set up their dreams in this mighty institute. If all goes well, courses end with encouraging placements as a first step of the professional ladder that may continue all lifelong.

Though 2018 is yet to be launched, the prospects of a mega business meet at the GIBS campus are truly stimulating. Like farmers in their fields and civil engineers amidst their constructions, business dreams are realized in factories and industries, services and start-ups. It is money, workers and raw materials that provide the basic thrust for a business to grow like food, clothing, and shelter in human life. Let us look forward to that mega business event that 2018 will make a vivid dream come true.