GIBS Training Programs build comprehensive business skills and abilities

GIBS Training Programs build comprehensive business skills and abilities

Though comparatively young in terms of semesters and batches of business graduates, the Global Institute of Business Studies in Bannerghatta, Bangalore, has achieved numerous distinctions. It is not only through dedicated internships and placements that the boys and girls have shone in business training. Rankings and grading, honorable mentions, and awards have developed a mighty image of a high-caliber institution that has a wide reach among the hundreds of similar business training institutes across the country. GIBS could be termed the best B school in Bangalore.


GIBS Bangalore Accolades in recent years

  • • Worldwide Achievers in World Education Summit & Awards 2018 declared GIBS as the “BEST EMERGING B-SCHOOL IN BANGALORE”
  • Graded AA+ for providing a highly valuable practical &‎Quality Academic MBA program in Karnataka by “Careers 360 – The Education Hub” – 2018‬‬‬
  • Ranked 3rd Best B-School in India, 4th Best in infrastructure, and 8th Best in Industry Exposure by “Higher Education Review” in 2016


GIBS Business School Academic excellence

The growth of digital technology and the easy copying, sharing, and exchange of information online has raised educational standards worldwide and brought the light of education within easy reach. Basically, education and academic research rely upon information whether contained in traditional hard copy volumes in libraries or internet research. With the mighty expansion of study materials under the online fever, it might be too much of Big Data for a single mind to handle. Processing would be needed to get at the most important and relevant data. A situation of information suffocation nowadays arises and the faculty and students have to work hard to study the most appropriate materials amidst the mountains of data that surrounds them. The2 year full-time AICTE-approved PGDM program teaches students to sift through and find valid data.

Really understanding concepts through activities Much of what goes in the name of higher education even today is to commit to heart large bodies of text without really understanding them. Learning and then vomiting in the exam hall is not really education. Media-based activities would be very effective along with seminars and workshops, field visits, and interactive guest lectures to really apply learning to the surroundings. Top 10 AICTE-approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore introduce students to the depths of the business universe.

Finally, what will matter is employability and common sense indicates that learning lessons will not do. Feeling like a part of the business world and possessing a unique set of talents, skills, and abilities to make a mark and help the company grow to new dimensions would be the challenging task ahead. Along with the academic pursuits and research with knowledge obtained from several sources like the affiliations with institutes abroad comes the need for additional training programs. Top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore take practical training very seriously.

Diverse training programs help further develop ideas and skills
Building construction requires a model first and then the structure is built. Academics provides that initial shape. Further, a series of high-caliber training programs will add the blood and muscle, nerves, and organs that will keep the business system growing. A tree grows from a tiny seed and branches out in every direction. So is the process of training for the dynamic boy and girls.

Microsoft Excel and Digital Marketing: Everybody uses Microsoft Office and it has so much to teach. Practical training in Digital Marketing modules helps understand how the present-day business world works online.

Campus to Corporate Certification: The challenges of successful placements are diverse. Business graduates need to package and sell themselves just like the products in the mall! The 400 hours of the live training program supplements what the classes teach.

Life Skill & Innovation: With the launching of the Innovation Centre, students get a great opportunity to reveal their pioneering skills in a non-competitive and neutral environment. International Speaker Paul Susheel is at the Centre-Head.

Global Business Forum brings together industrialists in a common forum. GIBS students get to interact with over 500 senior officials across the two years. Sharing ideas and business referrals go a long way to advancing student career prospects in corporate dimensions.
Six Sigma’s clever approach seeks to identify and remove defects within an organization in order to improve quality. Bill Smith, “Father of Six Sigma” founded the process in the 1970s. The profound management system tries to eliminate waste, rework, and mistakes, increase customer satisfaction and increase Profitability & Competitiveness.
System Applications Products studies business processes and practices, and analyses and improves them.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning refer to software that simplifies the process of problem-solving and task performance. By using algorithms, systems can carry out functions without being programmed.

Business Analytics Program studies business requirements and finds solutions that may include planning and policies.
Subject Matter Expert sessions bring together domain experts in a particular area to interact with students.

Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore administers realistic education and training to maximize the success potential at employment in business organizations as managers.


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