GIBS view on Environmental Degradation – May 16, 2016

GIBS view on Environmental Degradation

Environmental Degradation is the disintegration of the environment by imbalances created by man and sometimes nature. Environmental degradation is a result of socio-economical, technological and institutional activities. Degradation occurs when Earth’s natural resources like air, water, soil are depleted. It also has adverse effect on the flora and fauna.

Man has done more harm than good to nature, creating environmental imbalances which are boomeranging back. The main causes of this are urbanization, population growth, economic growth, intensification of agriculture, increase in energy use, and increase in transportation. All of these are man-made and are an outcome of his never ending greed.

But nature does evolve itself. Man cannot. He is too dependent on nature and at the same takes nature for granted too easily. It is high time the environmental concerns are given the right voices.

New diseases, acid rains, floods in places where there was no history of floods, heavy rains in deserts, extinction of many species are the added woes attached to environmental degradation.

But, there is still hope. We cannot just keep waiting for things to change, government policies to change. The change has to be start within us. Each one of us can do our own bit and make the world a better living place.

Some simple measures that can be taken are:

  • Use, recycle and reuse products instead of discarding them.
  • Water is precious. Conserve water.
  • Do not litter or toss waste into inappropriate places.
  • Join an awareness group. This will help in exchange of ideas and help in finding reasonable and practical solutions.
  • Eat seasonal and locally grown food. This is the best for your health and nature.
  • Plant trees. If you do not have space for a big garden, you can have a small green patch in your balcony.

Some big organisations are taking it a step forward by conducting plantation day and educating people about their duties and responsibilities towards nature. Recently Bangalore’s best MBA Institution GIBS Business School conducted a plantation day to create environmental awareness and planted the saplings along with their GSF volunteers to do its bit. It was a big success. More such initiatives are needed to bridge the environmental balance.

As they say, little drops of water make a mighty ocean, our small inputs can help clean the environment and bring back nature’s pristine beauty. It is up to us whether we wait to change or we be the change.