GIBS wakes up to the inspiring Holi colors of spring

GIBS wakes up to the inspiring Holi colors of spring

Global Institute of Business Studies, located amidst the corporate fantasy world of Bengaluru, celebrates a variety of national and international occasions in addition to the academic activities. It is valuable experiences, learning and fun combined, when the boys and girls come together in their clubs and committees to arrange the meaningful action-filled events. The colors that light up Holi are no less spectacular than the lights of Deepavali, but they pollute the environment. Holi has no such negative impact but only spreads smiles. The best B school in Bangalore enjoys the spirit of the occasion and spreads cheer through social media along with the frolic and the spiritual colors in mesmeric shades.


Lights, colors, sweets and food

Festivals of lights and colors have unique fascination and symbolism the world over, though originated in India. Lights are truly universal as are fireworks on every important occasion. Colored lighting besides dresses, food, architecture and media bring grace and beauty to existence along with art and culture. Sweets have traditionally played an important role in Indian culture and Holi cannot be imagined without sweets and feasting in addition to the lavish play of colors. While several bright colors excite the consciousness, gulal or the pink shade is very much loved in the revels. The pichkari or water gun and the water balloons involve a lot of splashing and the fiesta does get wild sometimes. Finally, it is mufti-colored faces, bodies and garments that require laborious scrubbing!


An annual event that should be celebrated more often

Depicting the changing of the seasons and the advent of spring that signifies growth that will end in bountiful harvest in good time, Holi was spread across 20 and 21 March this year. PhalgunPurnima came and went and the auspicious day brought many prayers in its wake. The conquest of good over evil and the hopes for another successful year were on everyone’s lips.

It is true about each festival like Ugadi that it leaves behind a tinge of sadness after the celebrations are done. The truth is that you need to wait one whole year for another round of Holi. Why can’t Holi be celebrated more often? Firecrackers that signify Deepavali are often used to signify various events around the year like New Years Day. Yet, such is the custom that every major festival like Dassera and Christmas for instance are celebrated annually only and thus its importance. Celebrated more often, they would lose their charm, though Durga Puja is celebrated twice in the year. Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore realize that every day cannot become a Sunday.


Legends and rituals that signify Holi

Have you heard of the demoness Holika whose burning in the fire came to be known as HolikaDahan? Like every Indian festival, mythological tales signify the origin and knowing them achieves a greater understanding of the spirit and the significance.

The proud Demon King Hirnakashyap prevented the worship of the god, but wished to become immortal. As a result of penance to Lord Brahma, Hirnakashyap received five boons. No human or animal can kill him; he will not be killed during the day or night, neither inside the door nor outside, no astra or shastra can kill him and not on the land, water or in the air. It appeared as if Hirnakashyap had assumed the powers of the almighty.

Prahlad, his son, became a dedicated devotee of Lord Vishnu that angered him and he wished to kill his son with the help of his sister Holika. She possessed a super power too, blessed by Lord Brahma. Holika had a shawl for protection and the brother asked her to sit in the flames with Prahlad in order to kill him. What happened is that the shawl in the fire protected Prahlad and Holika was burned to death. This event is re-enacted each year as the conquest of good over evil. The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore believe in virtues and fairness in all aspects of life.


Holi celebrations across India

Barsana is thought to be the birthplace of Radha, consort of Lord Krishna. According to popular belief, the Lord came from Nandgaon to meet Radha and the gopis. LathmaarHoli in Barsana continues the tradition with men coming from Nandgaon to Barsanawhere the women playfully beat them with sticks or laathis.

While Ajmer has Mali and GairHoli, Bharatpur has BrijHoli and Bikaner plays DolchiHoli. Local variations may differ but the spirit is the same with colors and revelry, sweets and intoxicating bhang or cannabis.

The top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore bring a variety of business learning experiences and combine them with clubs and committees, workshops and seminars to gain industry familiarity. Cultural and religious occasions along with important international days in the calendar add to the variety of activities when the boys and girls work as a single, united family.


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