GIBS’s PGDM: Builds Dynamic Strategic HR Partners for Future Corporates – January 03,2018

GIBS’s PGDM: Builds Dynamic Strategic HR Partners for Future Corporates

Global Institute for Business Studies in the Karnataka State Capital of Bangalore deals in dreams just like any other educational institution. Yet, it is different because the student dreams here come true with excellent internships and placements with some of the finest companies that have set up bases in India and in the city after the IT revolution. With the present year tapering down to end with festivities to welcome 2018, it is time to build another set of dreams with the new batches that will enroll for MBA and PGDM. Both are two-year postgraduate courses and you need to pass the three-year graduation degree in order to apply besides the management entrance examinations.

Approved by AICTE, Ministry of HRD and the Indian Government, PGDM offers dual specializations to increase the versatility of the professional business managers who can reach out to several sectors when they take up corporate appointments. Marketing, Finance, and Human Resources are three crucial aspects of any enterprise. Further choices are healthcare, IT, supply chain, international business, travel and tourism, banking finance and insurance, startups and SMEs.


The Human Resources challenge

With the dawn of the 21st century, amidst the mega industries and technological wonders that have eased many jobs, the Human Resources aspect has received greater attention than ever before. While workers were taken for granted as manual labor perhaps through much of history, it is now realized that they form the backbone of a company. Human Resources are crucial to company success. The changing scenario of HR is challenging indeed, especially for big businesses that have awesome company structures. While HR did not receive much attention earlier, it is now elevated to the highest ranks of company management.

‘The David Ulrich dream is coming true when he envisaged HR business partners as serving the high-level functions that set the company on the path to success. Theories may not be difficult to understand but imagine the extent of roles and functions that HR specialists serve. After all, it is humans who are still instrumental in all the achievements of a country’s population though machines, computers, software, and robots seem to be slowly taking over work that people traditionally did.


HR management and development

The two terms may seem complementary but development indicates that the company should go a step further and ensure that workers are keeping up with the times. Besides appropriate payments, health facilities, safety, and welfare of staff, their further training and skill development should also be catered to. Much research has been done in this field and the conclusion is a strong thrust in favor of worker welfare as the building blocks of successful businesses that in turn mean national development.

The young Indian population at this point in history has a great future. The successes of certain countries like Japan and Germany after being ravaged during wars can be attributed to superior workforces. Tiny countries like Singapore and South Korea have succeeded so well with dedicated workers. India has a mighty successful future if superb Human Resources development can succeed in turning the company fortunes around. If each company improves productivity, it would be one vast elevation because there exist thousands of such companies.

Basically, it is the will and dedication, the discipline, ethics and moral responsibility, whatever be the worker level. If workers are cared for by the company, they will work better. Several aspects contribute to worker wellbeing, including complex factors like the political climate and policy concerns.


The GIBS promise

Personality building, communication skills, soft skills, business leadership roles, besides all the technical knowledge, is some of the programs that GIBS will effectively impart. Decision making intense business situations requires courage and delicate understanding. A realistic understanding of the industry that they will enter after course completion would be achieved through faculty and guest lectures. Internships also take trainees on a ride through present day work situations.

While local environments matter so much, a global vision is needed to work successfully in multicultural surroundings. Imagine having to work with African or American labor! The impact of the internet has made it possible to apply worldwide for jobs and be interviewed and selected rather conveniently online. Coping up with international competition is not easily achieved but the GIBS training would help you succeed amidst global pressures. Building a global mindset is the first item on the agenda that does not happen overnight but in the course of the four semesters through a lot of rigmarole. Complex ideas and lessons take time to sink into the mind through practical lessons and DIY techniques. Participative learning and a range of clubs and committees besides all the seminars and workshops and classroom experiences ensure that you are on the right track to success.


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