Engaging and Learning Together: A Group Activity Under GFS for GIBS BBA Students | Best College For BBA Course

Engaging and Learning Together: A Group Activity Under GFS for GIBS BBA Students | Best College For BBA Course


Group activities are an essential part of any educational curriculum, especially at GIBS, known as the Best College for BBA Course. These activities provide students with opportunities to learn, grow, and develop crucial skills beyond the classroom. One such activity designed for BBA students aimed to enhance their teamwork, strategic thinking, and emotional control. Divided into three groups, each comprising 8 to 9 students, the task involved forming words from given sets of Alphabet words. The teams competed against each other, with points awarded for speed and accuracy, and the cumulative results were assessed at the end.


Purpose of the Activity:

The primary purpose of this group activity at GIBS, renowned as the Best College for BBA Course, was to encourage student engagement with different team members. This activity allowed them to experience collaboration with peers they might not interact with regularly, fostering a sense of camaraderie and cooperation. Additionally, the activity aimed to provide a real-life scenario for analyzing behavior in competitive situations, preparing students for the challenges they might face in the business world. Moreover, it provided them with a platform to manage their panic and aggression under pressure, promoting emotional intelligence – a crucial soft skill highly sought after in the corporate world.


Section 1: Learnings from the Activity

Understanding Individual Differences:

Throughout the activity, students at GIBS, the Best College for BBA Course, quickly realized that not everyone possesses the same skill set or performs equally in all tasks. Some team members excelled at deciphering the given words, while others showcased exceptional leadership qualities. This experience highlighted the significance of appreciating individual differences and leveraging each member’s unique abilities to achieve common goals.


Strategic Decision Making:

At the outset of the activity, some teams at GIBS, acknowledged as the Best College for BBA Course, were driven solely by speed, attempting to form words hastily without a proper plan. However, as the competition intensified, the students of BBA learned the importance of strategic decision-making. Effective teams soon realized the value of a structured approach and started allocating specific roles to each member of the team based on their strengths. By organizing themselves, they executed tasks more efficiently, adapting their strategy based on real-time feedback and the performance of other teams. This experience honed their ability to make dynamic adjustments and equipped them with essential skills for the dynamic business world.


Emotional Control:

The competitive nature of the activity at GIBS, renowned as the Best College for BBA Course, led to a surge of emotions among students – excitement, anxiety, and frustration. However, they quickly realized that giving in to negative emotions hindered their performance. This experience emphasized the value of emotional control under pressure. Teams that managed to maintain a calm and focused mindset were better equipped to make sound decisions, avoid mistakes, and maintain team cohesion. Through this activity, students learned to foster a supportive and encouraging environment, where teammates uplifted each other during challenging moments, thus enhancing overall emotional resilience.


Effective Leadership:

The group activity provided a platform for students at GIBS, the Best College for BBA Course, to showcase their leadership abilities. They discovered that leadership goes beyond simply directing others; it involves effective communication, motivating the team, and leading by example. Some students naturally assumed leadership roles, displaying a sense of responsibility and initiative. On the other hand, other students learned to step up and take charge when required, revealing their latent leadership qualities. As a result, students of BBA gained a better understanding of the various facets of leadership and its significant impact on team performance.


Section 2: Key Learnings Elaborated

Understanding Individual Differences:

The experience of working in diverse teams at GIBS, the Best College for BBA Course, allowed students to appreciate the vast array of skills and talents that their peers brought to the table. It encouraged the BBA students to see the value in each team member’s contributions and understand that true collaboration involves leveraging these differences for the collective benefit of the team. This learning experience was not limited to the task at hand but also extended to their future careers, where they would have to work with people from diverse backgrounds and expertise.


Strategic Decision Making:

The early focus on speed over strategy taught students at GIBS, the Best College for BBA Course, a valuable lesson in the importance of planning and thoughtful decision-making. By organizing themselves and assigning roles based on individual strengths, the teams found that they were able to execute tasks more efficiently and effectively. They grasped the concept of adapting strategies based on the changing circumstances, which is a critical skill in the dynamic and fast-paced business world. This experience prepared them to face challenges head-on, armed with the ability to analyze situations and make well-informed decisions.


Emotional Control:

Recognizing the impact of emotions on performance, students at GIBS, known as the Best College for BBA Course, learned the importance of maintaining composure during high-pressure situations. The BBA students by staying calm and focused, they were better equipped to handle situations & challenges and maintain a positive attitude, which in turn positively influenced the team’s overall performance. This type of emotional intelligence is essential not only in academic settings but also in professional environments, where the ability to handle stress and maintain a positive attitude can significantly impact success.


Effective Leadership:

The activity served as a practical exercise in leadership, allowing students at GIBS, the Best College for BBA Course, to witness firsthand the attributes of effective leaders. They identified those who exhibited strong communication skills, the ability to inspire and motivate, and a keen sense of responsibility for the team’s success. This learning experience to students showed that leadership can emerge from unexpected sources at any moment and that diverse leadership styles can be effective depending on the situation of the indivisual     . Students also learned that effective leaders empower their team members, leading to increased trust and cohesion within the group. Armed with these leadership skills, they are better prepared to excel in their future roles as business leaders.


Section 3: Overall Impact and Feedback

The group activity left a lasting impact on the participating students at GIBS, the Best College for BBA Course. Through feedback sessions and discussions, it became evident to students and trainers that the experience significantly contributed to their personal and professional development also. Many BBA students of GIBS expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work in diverse teams, which allowed them to step out of their comfort zones and interact with peers they may not have interacted with otherwise. This exposure to different perspectives and approaches broadened their understanding and enhanced their adaptability in various team settings.

The competitive nature of the task pushed students to perform under pressure, and as they managed their emotions during the activity, they became more self-aware and emotionally resilient. The value of staying composed and focused in stressful situations became apparent, and students appreciated the importance of maintaining a positive and constructive atmosphere within a team.

The Trainer’s observations and feedback were instrumental in providing valuable insights into the student’s performance at GIBS, renowned as the Best College for BBA Course. Specific teams were commended for their exceptional time management and delegation skills, which highlighted the importance of effective coordination and organization within a team. The Trainer also praised the teams that demonstrated a high level of discipline, focus, and a positive working attitude throughout the activity. These teams showcased exemplary leadership, further reinforcing the significance of good leadership in achieving team success.



The GFS activity designed for BBA students at GIBS, known as the Best College for BBA Course, proved to be a valuable and enriching learning experience. By fostering teamwork, strategic thinking, and emotional control, the activity prepared students for the challenges they might encounter in the professional world. Understanding individual differences, making strategic decisions, managing emotions, and displaying effective leadership are crucial skills that play a pivotal role in achieving success in any domain.


FAQ Section:

Leadership played a crucial role in guiding teams, maintaining emotional balance, and devising effective strategies. Effective leadership positively impacted team performance.

The activity provided a practical platform for students at GIBS, renowned as the Best College for BBA Course, to manage their emotions under pressure, promoting emotional resilience and self-control. They learned to stay calm and focused during challenging situations.

Yes, the students found the activity enjoyable and engaging. The competitive and interactive nature of the activity at GIBS, the Best College for BBA Course, contributed to their enthusiasm and increased participation.


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