Hosted Enchainer2k23 – A National Level Management Fest by GIBS Business School

Hosted Enchainer2k23 – A National Level Management Fest by GIBS Business School

The GIBS Enchainer-2k23 event was recently held on 24th-25th March 2023 in Bangalore, India, and it was an excellent opportunity for MBA/PGDM students from more than 20 colleges to showcase their management skills and talents.

Over 300 students participated in this event and competed in 14 exciting management-themed competitions that ranged from marketing and human resources, finance, business analytics and entrepreneurship to CSR, public speaking competitions, singing contests, dancing performances and fashion shows.

This event was an overwhelming success, as students displayed exceptional talent, passion, and dedication in their competitions. Additionally, this provided them with an ideal opportunity to network with industry professionals as well as talented individuals from their field of work.


Winners and Runners

The winners and runners of the various competitions at Enchainer2k23 were announced after a thorough evaluation process. XIME Bangalore emerged as the Overall Champion of the event, with an impressive performance in multiple competitions. Here’s a detailed list of the winners and runners of each competition:



  • Winners: XIME Bangalore
  • Runners: Kristu Jayanti College


Human Resources:

  • Winners: XIME Bangalore
  • Runners: Christ University (Bannergatta Road)



  • Winners: New Horizon College
  • Runners: Christ University (Bannergatta Road)


Business Analytics:

  • Winners: XIME Bangalore
  • Runners: Kristu Jayanti College



  • Winners: Kristu Jayanti College
  • Runners: XIME Bangalore


Business Quiz:

  • Winners: Kristu Jayanti College
  • Runners: XIME Bangalore



  • Winners: XIME Bangalore
  • Runners: Kristu Jayanti College


Public Speaking:

  • Winners: Kristu Jayanti College
  • Runners: XIME Bangalore


Solo Singing:

  • Winners: IZEE B-School
  • Runners: Vogue


Group Singing:

  • Winners: CIMS


Solo Dance:

  • Winner: New Horizon College
  • Runner: CIMS


Best Manager:

  • Winner: Kristu Jayanti College


XIME Students: A Brilliant Job

Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship (XIME) students put up an exceptional performance at Enchainer2k23, emerging as the Overall Champion of the event. The students won in multiple competitions, such as Marketing, Human Resources, Business Analytics, and CSR, showcasing their outstanding management skills and talents.

Overall, Enchainer2k23 was an excellent opportunity for MBA/PGDM students to showcase their skills, learn from industry experts, and network with talented individuals. The event was an enormous success and is an impressive testimony to India’s quality management education. Students participating in this event displayed exceptional talent, passion, and commitment; their participation is evidence that India will produce future leaders of business world.


Great Achievements come from the Efforts of Dedicated Students

 GIBS Enchainer-2k23 was a resounding success, thanks to the incredible efforts of the GIBS students who worked tirelessly for over two months to make the event a grand success. The students were instrumental in organizing the event, from forming committees to identifying the competitions and inviting colleges to participate. They worked in teams, dividing responsibilities among themselves, such as registration, hospitality, logistics, and coordination.

Students invested countless hours planning and coordinating this event, from designing posters and marketing materials to spreading word of mouth on social media and recruiting judges for various competitions, to working closely with participating colleges to ensure timely arrival, to making arrangements for food, accommodation and transportation for all attendees.

On the day of the event, the GIBS students were up before dawn, ensuring that everything was in place before the participants arrived.

They worked tirelessly throughout the day to ensure the event ran seamlessly, and all competitions took place according to plan.

GIBS students’ dedication, hard work and commitment were evident at every point in the event – from registration through to award ceremony. Their contributions were truly valued by everyone present.


In conclusion, the GIBS Enchainer-2k23 event was an excellent learning opportunity for the students, providing them with a platform to showcase their management skills and network with industry experts. The event’s success was a result of the GIBS students’ tireless efforts, and they truly deserve appreciation for their dedication and hard work.


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