How can a student become a valuable professional? Learn It With GIBS!

How can a student become a valuable professional? Learn It With GIBS!

Today the cut-throat competition in making a name in the industry is making PGDM and MBA courses extremely popular. Every business school has an array of things to offer but most of them fail to understand that for the professional world, one needs more than formal education! 

Today professional courses are curated keeping in mind that it is a stepping stone for the students. 95% of the colleges in India fail to deliver a complete package. Thus it becomes a waste of money and time when you choose a college that does not offer a beyond-the-classroom experience. 

You might ask what is a complete package? 

Well, the answer is the Global Institute of Business Studies, one of the best PGDM colleges in Bangalore

A complete package in a business school will include unique ways to enhance your career. From an industry-relevant curriculum to a finishing school, the college must be able to transform you into a professional. 

A business school has to constantly grow to keep in mind the industry perspective. GIBS believes in evolving according to the industry’s changing needs. The vision is to prepare leaders and nurture their talent, helping them make a mark in the world of business. 

GIBS business school, awarded for many of its uniquely designed features has now started focussing more on preparing students for the corporate world. An array of programs are available that follow a holistic approach. 

From a program that looks into mental health to a program that enhances the student’s personality into one that can create an everlasting impression on the recruiter. Global Institute of Business Studies has always been a step ahead in training its students. 

Their highly acclaimed faculty members and foreign associations help them to give the students an experience laced with knowledge. The beyond-classroom experience is what GIBS stands out for. 

Becoming a version of yourself that is capable of adding value to a business needs training and guidance from experts only. GIBS has a dedicated team for placements, faculty members, and industry experts to ensure a Complete Package for the students. 

What is Finishing School and Why Do You Need It? 

A GIBS finishing school is usually an initiative taken to help the students become their best versions. The program revolves around how to enhance the personality of the students, how to help the student to speak better, how to help them do better in their interviews, and teach them about what are the important things the industry expects from them. 

Today the corporate industry is not just about academics but also about great presentation skills, talking to potential and existing clients, and much more. A finishing school will help the student match their existing skills to the industrial standards. 

Top-notch appearance, verbal communication, IQ, EQ, and more matter when you are at the interview for your dream job. Recruiters today are looking for professionals who are much more than just knowledgeable. Because knowledge you can acquire but a personality will only shine when trained and guided. 

GIBS’ Finishing School – Confusion 2 Conclusion Programme.

A world-class quality finishing school is the latest addition to the GIBS treasure for the students. This programme has only one aim, to build students into valuable professionals. Each student has their potential and skills but finishing school can shape their potential for a better career. 

As they say ‘only formal education cannot solve the employability issues’ and it is absolutely true. Formal education is the foundation but not the only thing that you will need to enhance your career. 

Confusion 2 Conclusion is basically a program to help students become their best version. Overall personality development and enhancing skills can take a professional far in his career. The programme is divided into four levels. 

Each level is curated thoughtfully by experts. Every level holds great importance in the process of building a professional career. From communication to appearance to situation analysis, all the important aspects of building a personality are covered here. 

Let’s look into the various things that will be covered in this uniquely designed programme called C2C:

Level 1

  • Complete image consulting
  • Physical fitness
  • Language Mastery Program
  • Physical Appearance
  • Building a habit of watching videos on GD-PI
  • Complete development – IQ, EQ, HQ, and more

Level 2

  • Communication Model
  • Public Speaking
  • Verbal Speaking
  • Extempore
  • Networking
  • Programme on Mindset, Heartset, Healthset & Soulset

Level 3

  • Personal Branding
  • Resume Building
  • Mock GD-PI
  • Psychometric and Aptitude Tests

Level 4

  • Specialisation wise training
  • Attitude building
  • Revision of L1 to L3
  • Situational Analysis.

This program will be delivered by experts to ensure the best of everything for the students. If you are looking for the perfect college or a COMPLETE PACKAGE then GIBS is the place to be. Give your career the much-needed finishing touches to get the best opportunities and career options.