How important is practical knowledge? Let’s find out!

How important is practical knowledge? Let’s find out!  

Experiential learning is at the forefront of education. It has been pushing the old-school method of theory out for a while now. While most agree with its benefits, there is still an air of reluctance around it. People are hesitant to abandon the old ways.

But practical learning has never been more important. With access to theoretical knowledge available globally, most people lack the knowledge of putting that theory into practice. It helps set apart hard workers from smart workers.

Professionals with beyond-classroom knowledge! 

Companies like employees who understand concepts but are also familiar with putting them into practice. It helps them reduce the training time for a fresher. But more importantly, the employee can focus on the far important aspects of working in an organisation. Understanding the functioning of the company is as essential as knowledge of the position.

That’s why when an institute promotes experiential learning, they are preparing the student for their future in more ways than they realise. Internships are the best way to teach an individual the benefits of practical application. The student has the opportunity to test their knowledge in a real-life situation.

Industry-ready graduates are also offered better incentives and compensation packages than other graduates. This works as a motivational boost that students can channel toward their work and skill development.

Managers and experiential learning

A course that benefits most from encouraging internships is PGDM. Since PGDM graduates are preparing for their role in managerial positions in the field, getting exposed to the industry and its functioning is essential. The internship opens their eyes to their strengths and weaknesses before it is too late.

Managerial positions are the backbone of a company as they ensure smooth functioning. They must keep things flowing at the usual speed. And if the manager is fresh out of a shell unaware of the industry expectations, he will feel like a fish out of water.

It is the duty of a manager to understand the function of their organisation, especially their area of specialisation. For example, an operations manager should be familiar with the role and importance of that department in the organisation. This provides enough insight to manage and maintain the smooth functioning of the department.

GIBS and its focus on Internships

Global Institute of Business Studies or GIBS is an institute that actively encourages students to pursue internships. One of the most prominent PGDM colleges in Bangalore, opportunities are provided in their appropriate fields to ensure maximum understanding. Any amount of industry exploration will benefit students and GIBS ensure that maximum is provided.

GIBS business school has a 2-year AICTE recognised program that is dedicated to theoretical and practical understanding. It sets them apart from other institutes. They pave the way for students to engage in innovation and research.

The goal to transform students into future industry leaders is achieved through innovative and globally accepted programs in a congenial atmosphere. Through the pioneering refined quality of learning, moral upkeep, and intellectual support GIBS has been recognized as one of the top business schools in India.

Endless Opportunities at GIBS

GIBS is dedicated to preparing students for professional work with its unique campus-to-corporate (C2C) program. The C2C syllabus consists of 136 sessions that are designed around industry expectations. Role Plays, Indoor & Outdoor Activities, and Time Management are among many other topics covered in the C2C syllabus.

Students at GIBS ensure that students are provided opportunities in appropriate fields. For IT, Edutech, Aviation to FMCG, Insurance, and Manufacturing, GIBS gives sector-wise internships. This helps the student identify gaps and conquer the available opportunity. 

Supporting promises with numbers

Internship opportunities aren’t just exceptional in terms of the quality of experience gained. Interns are offered a generous stipend to keep them motivated as well. The highest stipend offered in 2021 was Rs. 1,15,000. 

GIBS has an excellent track record when it comes to placement. Over 150 companies have been associated with GIBS for internship opportunities. That figure rises to over 600 for job placements. While GIBS Bangalore’s placement is impressive, over 10 startups began from the GIBS campus last year.

This motivates the growth of unique ideas and provides the room it requires. Students of GIBS are encouraged to set a new bar for working standards and create their space in the industry. For the people seeking industry experience rather than pursuing their entrepreneurship dreams, GIBS students on average were offered an annual package of 6.3 Lakhs.

Why choose GIBS?

These statistics are just the cherry on top of the cake that is GIBS. They assure that every student will receive appropriate opportunities for practical experience through their internship programs. The programs go hand in hand with their world-class infrastructure. It creates a perfect environment for students to develop leadership skills, excellent communication skills, and overall personality development. This combination of effort and resources is proportional to the GIBS business school ranking in India.

GIBS is the perfect place to achieve industry-oriented theoretical and practical knowledge for future industry leaders.


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