How is the Placement at GIBS Bangalore for PGDM Students?

How is the Placement at GIBS Bangalore for PGDM Students?

A degree in management from a reputable business school has always been valuable. As the need for business education expanded, so too did the number of B-schools that have emerged. There are a few PGDM institutes that have distinguished themselves among the elite business schools. The Global Institute of Business Studies (GIBS) in Bangalore is one such institution.

GIBS has earned enormous popularity over the years by establishing a stellar reputation in areas such as innovative teaching techniques, distinctive curriculum design, and worldwide placements. It is a rapidly-emerging, Top-Ranked B-school that is becoming management aspirants’ first option.


4 Reasons why GIBS is considered a B-school with a difference :

1. Industry-Integrated Programmes: In the era of globalization, the top firms want skilled professionals who are instantaneously productive. This need was recognized by GIBS from the outset, which led to the development of industry-integrated programmes. In order to prepare students for real-world business experience, seventy percent of the curriculum is dedicated to practical training, while thirty percent is dedicated to theory. In the PGDM programmes, industrial visits have been given importance.


2. Unique teaching methodology: The distinctive teaching methodology of GIBS has been greatly praised. In actuality, GIBS exemplifies business education and prepares students for the business world. For this purpose, cutting-edge initiatives such as Finishing School and IRE Labs have been developed. GIBS Finishing School is a specialized division that provides PGDM students with assistance for startups, placements, and internships. IRE lab, on the other hand, is an action-learning school based on innovation, research, and entrepreneurship. IRE Talks teaches PGDM students about innovation, research, and entrepreneurship and gives them the tools they need through a variety of activities, workshops, and sessions with experts.


3. Holistic development: The comprehensive development of students is necessary in today’s competitive environment. GIBS is committed to the holistic development of its students. For this purpose, the institution measures four primary quotients: IQ (Intelligence Quotient), EQ (Emotional Quotient), SQ (Spiritual Quotient), and HQ (Happiness Quotient). Also, there are more than 10 student-run societies at GIBS that help students reach their full potential through extracurricular and co-curricular activities.


4. Best ROI: Returns on investment (ROI) is another element that has to be explored. ROI estimates the number of years required to return the investment made in a PGDM programme. A college with low course tuition fees and substantial compensation packages will have a high rate of return. The course prices at GIBS are relatively inexpensive, and with the quantity of instruction, grooming, and placements it provides, its ROI improves exponentially. Due to its high ROI, GIBS has become generally acknowledged as one of the best B-schools in India over the years.


100% Placement at GIBS, Bangalore

GIBS is renowned for having the best placement rate. GIBS is also well known for providing its students with outstanding internship possibilities. The Global Immersion Program’s international excursions equip the students for a brighter future. The GIBS placement cell also works closely and regularly with students to help them find the best jobs.

By being selected as The Best Emerging B-School in India for 2022, GIBS has set a precedent and established a custom for the rest of the industry. GIBS has been awarded an ‘AAA’ ranking by Career 360 on its list of the finest business schools in India, as GIBS graduates have secured lucrative positions at a variety of multinational firms.

GIBS has become one of the most successful business schools and has set a record by consistently placing all graduates in top jobs. Despite the roaring economic collapse, GIBS recruitment effort from the previous year yielded 100 % placements in all specializations, including Finance, HRM, Marketing, Business Analytics, and Supply. Remarkably, its PGDM graduates averaged a salary of 7.4 lakh rupees per year (LPA). Also, compared to last year’s offers, the average CTC went up by 23% at the institution.


Choosing the best business school is a difficult task for every student. Among alluring claims and deceitful advertising, a reputable institution should be chosen after a thorough evaluation of all of its features. GIBS scores extremely well on these factors. The institute’s dedication and performance in recent years are true examples of its brilliance. If you are searching for the Top B-school Bangalore, GIBS in Bangalore is an excellent option. You can check the GIBS website for more information.

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