How Residential Campus would influence you …???…!!! – December 19 2016

How Residential Campus would influence you..?

GIBS B School was formed as a vibrant Residential campus under the Goyal Education Trust with the belief of research and development of a student to enhance their living & learning experience meaningful. Hence GIBS campus guarantees all kinds of facilities and amenities which will be readily accessible for all the students.

Here students get to learn distinctive perspectives from others who come from other towns, cities, states, or countries. Also students will get a chance to live with their classmates and friends. The research shows that students who live in campus will perform better academic achievement, social, recreational, and spiritual development too.

Well, Students have many advantages, as every day they have the chance to interact, impact and influence with faculty and staff. The chance begins right here. Such as;

  • Students get the opportunity to involve in campus activities. This will certainly enrich their experience.
  • GIBS Global Residential campus classes emphasize the knowledge for students and get to know their faculties as well.
  • Students can Increase their chances of academic success and persistence.
  • Students will have a fabulous way to meet people and forming long lasting friendships as it’s a lively social life.
  • Student can save money when they live in residential campus, as they would not spend money.
  • Students get the opportunity to participate in campus and student sponsored events.
  • Students will have a Convenience and Time Management which is extremely important for today’s students.

Being a Reputed MBA Institute, GIBS culture influences the opportunities for students in learning and social experience through courses & university’s outstanding academic programs. The implementation of the plan will deepen the creative climate of the campus.

Residential Learning Programme represents a major transformation in One’s life. Here GIBS creates programs that bring students together structurally, intellectually and emotionally. This may build the commonalities and connections which are very much essential to our education and our society…