How to Introduce Yourself to an MBA Admissions Committee – September 16 2016

How to Introduce Yourself to an MBA Admissions Committee

The MBA Admissions process does feel very daunting; especially when you are considering applying to some of the leading Top Business schools like GIBS. These most sought-after schools have very low acceptance rates. They are looking not only at high scores in your admission exams, and a good recommendation letter, but how you are different, and therefore a better fit for their unique MBA program, as compared to all other applicants.

Top MBA schools place great emphasis on finding candidates who will enrich their program, through the skills they will bring to the class. To be able to market yourself to your dream business school’s admission committee, it is important to have a clear and honest vision of what you have to offer.

You need not have accomplishments that are different from your peers, you just need to focus on telling who you are and the differentiation will occur on its own. Concentrate on getting across the values you hold and the experiences underpinning the direction you have taken in your professional life to date, and why an MBA is right for your future. And remember to always be consistent.

Research the specific MBA program to find out whether the program on offer matches what you are looking for, not just the cost of the program, but also in terms of career goals, campus culture, and learning environment. Knowing the program fits with your career goals is always an advantage when talking to the admissions committee.
When applying to Top business schools such as GIBS, it helps to be well prepared while facing the admissions committee and you could easily get an admit to your dream business school!