How Trump’s victory affects Asia?…!!! – December 13 2016

How Trump’s victory affects Asia?…!!!

Trump’s victory in the USA brought a wave of shock in people’s mind. The authoritarian leader was predicted to loose in the elections, but in a surprise turn of events he won the biggest country’s elections.But what effect does his win have on the Asian countries. People are debating all over the world about these issues and say that the next four years will only tell what the plight might be in for.

Trump with his campaign of “Make America Great Again” believes that there is too less that America is getting back. Various experts in the field of politics and economics believe that the prez would adopt an isolationism or introverted approach since he believes that the US went around doing a lot of “world policing” and it was time someone took a look at the internal affairs of the country. This isolation might actually lead to bad relations with other countries and trade, wrecking the economy very quickly.

Trump win effect on Asia apparently will become evident soon.The trans-pacific partnership or TPP which was signed on 4th February 2016, many say will die soon due to the authoritative rule. This partnership consisted the majority of Asian countries like Japan, Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam. The fact that the president trump promised to levy high tariff on various goods and services and bring stricter immigration policy will make the partnership attain a standstill.

China is actually happy about the US election results. They considered the US to be a competition in terms of tech giants. The TPP actually had barriers for China to have ties with many countries. Now, with the fall of the partnership and America concentrating more on internal affairs, China can benefit economically very well.

Japan has already started their diplomatic alliance with America. The prime minister of Japan, Mr. Shinzo Abe, sensed a deep shift in US interest and intervened at the right time. Trump had commented that Japan and South Korea were free riding on US security commitments. Mr. Abe acted well in advance to make sure that the security of his country was not compromised because of the newly elected president.

Pakistan which is constantly under the pressure of America can breathe a sigh of relief as Trump has stated that he would like to see improvements in the relations between the two countries. All that one has to do is wait and watch as he is yet to reveal the relation policies with Pakistan.

India sees a positive change because of the new US president. He counts India as an ally to block Chinese advancements in the South China Sea. Trump’s ideas against ISIS will also aide India’s fight against terrorism. His move to curtail immigration however might have a negative effect of not getting the right visa for Indian citizens.

It is hard to forecast the next four years in terms of the relation of The USA with Asian countries. But one thing that experts say is for sure is that Trump would not take Asia and especially South Asia as heartedly as Mr. Obama did.