HR- Clarity and Scope.… – July 21 2016

MBA / PGDM in HR- Clarity and Scope

Are you planning to pursue a Post-Graduation?

Many options are available out there, MBA in HR is one of the most interesting courses you can choose. If you are a people person and good at interacting with others, a career in MBA HR can be very fruitful for you. So what is human resource management? Well, Human means the workforce involved in an organization, Resource means limited availability, and Management is the proper utilization of the workforce.

What exactly does HR management deal with? Human resource management is a process of recruiting, training, orienting, and appraising employees of an organization. It deals with organization structure, morals, motivations, and overall employee management. HR professionals act as a middleware between management and the employees.

MBA in HR is one of the most opting specializations of management study. It is a challenging and stimulating program of management. So what exactly is taught in HR? Let’s find out! It’s a two-year course. MBA in HR allows you to develop general management skills in the first year, followed by human resource practices in the second. During the course, students are taught about strategic management, resource development, and legal aspects influencing the economic, social, and cultural factors of employee relations.

Industrial relations, labour legislation, labour relation, training and development, recruitment and selection, compensation and benefits, labour welfare, and social security are some of the specialized fields in this course you can opt one.

In the HR profession, you may have a career that offers good working conditions, excellent remuneration, good career growth opportunities, and rewarding work. Every large and medium-sized organization maintains a fully functional HRM personnel department, Career options are many. You can find a job in an HR consultancy firm or be a freelancer consultant. If you are academically inclined then there are opportunities to teach HR-related subjects in universities and management institutes. A well-experienced MBA graduate in HR specialization can earn 2 to 5 lakh per annum. The remuneration is a subject of profitability, geographic location, organization level, personal qualification, and experience.

If you are in a dilemma, you should just go ahead and opt for it. MBA in HR is an excellent career option for you.


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