The Importance of Spoken English in the Management Course – March 29,2017

The Importance of Spoken English in the Management Course

Though the Chinese language may have a larger number of native speakers, English represents the greatest opportunities! English represents several countries of the developed world like England and America along with others like Australia. Several developing countries like India make extensive use of English for education, communication, and administration.

Knowledge of English represents the universal passport to professional success

Many countries in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa do not speak English, but most job chances come to those who know English well. Knowledge of speech and writing in English brings ample professional chances and development in life. A person with such skills has a high status in the society. Chances to travel abroad and obtain lucrative jobs would come only to those who possess excellent communication skills in English.


Business English requirements

Indirectly, the spread of the internet has been a catalyst for the contemporary spread of English worldwide. Even people in remote locations who could not get a formal education can benefit from internet sources. The internet contains all the facilities a person may need in doing business. Writing emails and reports would be needed on the job. Making phone calls and attending conferences would be part of the duties. Delivering presentations via software would be required. Meetings and negotiations would be an essential part of the work.
English skills required to study management programs
Along with written communication, fluent speech skills would be a positive factor in management education. The ability to speak well with confidence before an audience is compulsory to success in the business world. Group discussions would require confident speaking too. Attending interviews initially brushes up such skills.
On the one hand, it is intimate speech amongst a few students while opportunities would arise to debate and address large gatherings. Speech is the medium of instruction and speech also expresses how much has been learned. Writing could also express what has been understood.


School life develops the basic English skills

It is early in school that speaking first develops by means of participation in activities. Besides reading in class, students get to deliver speeches, recite and debate in school gatherings. Students often deliver speeches at the morning assembly like during national and international day celebrations.

Children who did not study in the English medium would experience great difficulty in college. However, the study of management takes place at the college level for a bachelor’s or master’s degree, while some students opt for a shorter-duration diploma. Work experience is usually insisted upon for admission to management study programs besides scores in examinations like CAT and MAT.


Spoken English for non-native students

Students originating from Asian and African countries often face English learning problem while attending Western universities. An English language course would become quite necessary to learn the fundamentals of speech and writing. While daily study and work would require fluency in speaking, examinations would require more written skills, though oral English would also be put to the test.
Participation in English language learning activities

It is often said that one needs to have a feel for the language. Surroundings matter too, like the difference between a remote village and university campuses with students of several nationalities.

Developing international understanding and a better chance of rising in life would come in those progressive college campuses.

Language learning like spoken English cannot succeed without social and emotional support. Listening to television news programs on BBC and CNN on a regular basis would expose me to powerful spoken expression. Since we need models in every aspect of life, those news readers would be good to learn from. School teachers do use recorded news broadcasts for teaching, on which questions are set to test assimilation.

Appearing in qualifying examinations to test English ability
An important part of the testing in English requires a recorded talk to be heard in the examination hall. Using the understanding, students answer a series of questions to test comprehension. By way of preparation for the examination, several practice tests can be undergone.

Thus, listening to recorded audio and video materials would help the development of speech fluency. Along with basic grammar, a little boldness would be required to speak up in different situations without fearing mistakes. It is known that making mistakes is part of the learning process.


Recording voices and playing back

A very useful method to improve speech skills would be the recording of your own reading and speaking voice, whether alone or in a group. Recording devices like phone cameras are found everywhere nowadays and they would prove very useful for English speech training. Listening to your own voice is a certain method of improving spoken skills, preferably in a group rather than alone.


Exposure to learning situations

English movies and even drama and songs would be excellent English learning situations. A classmate guide or peer would be very helpful initially to instill much-needed confidence and take care of egos. A positive approach is often seen to succeed and a ‘never say die’ approach succeeds in the long run.

Finally, practice words and sentences aloud in the privacy of the room or even outdoors amidst the silence of nature. As the voice opens up, better-spoken English would prevail. Avoid hesitation and speak in short sentences, to begin with. Talk to native English speakers. Practice finally makes perfect. English is an easy language to learn since it is highly developed!

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