Importance of sports in student’s life… – May 30, 2016

Importance of sports in student’s life…

Sports are an integral part of student’s life. But it is hard to find any sportsmen finally emerging out of school and colleges. Students who are gifted players also are forced to join the rat race of academics and it is always preferred by parents that their kids excel first in academics and then if time permits, they excel in sports.

Sports is not just about the game. There are many lessons learnt in the playground rather than class rooms. Class room knowledge is all about subjects but what they learn in the playground builds their personality. Their confidence, the ability to accept success and failure in equal terms, the art of giving and sharing are all life lessons learnt here.

An active sports life helps an individual to have grit and determination. It boosts one’s self esteem and helps to garner better grades in academics as well. The physical benefits include maintaining a healthy weight, preventing chronic diseases and learning the skills necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle after graduating.

Currently, the arrangement for sports at any educational institution is not up to the mark. It is left to the students to decide whether to play or not. Many schools and colleges do not even have a decent playground. Having trained coaches is a luxury.

GIBS, one of the best MBA colleges in Bangalore, realizes the vital role sports plays in a student’s life. The GIBS campus is well designed and sports facilities are an integral part of it. Sports at GIBS generates a lot of enthusiasm. The academic calendar is crowded with sporting events -be it the intra-hostel and inter-hostel events, or the inter-collegiate and intra college tournaments. Excellent facilities are available including a swimming pool, a well-equipped gymnasium, the impressive cricket ground, volley ball ground, basket court, etc.

No wonder, the performance of GIBS students is extra ordinary as there is a healthy blend of academics and sports. It is high time other institutions realize the importance of sports and start promoting it. GIBS has shown the way for others to follow.