Add Industry Integrated MBA (Weekend) degree from GIBS and raise your Professional status – July 15,2017

Industry Integrated MBA (Weekend) degree from GIBS and raise your Professional status

A weekend Integrated MBA course at GIBS creates a better hub of professionalism in the corporate world. The two years of the part-time program consist of weekends. GIBS designed the courses to obtain the probable needs of the upcoming career. The person can pursue an MBA degree without hampering their present career. The weekend MBA or EMBA (the code) is a graduate certificate of business. It can run parallel to your full-time job. You may like the young management team to get prosperous guidance on business management. The course of GIBS aims to teach executive abilities like a regular MBA program. Getting assurance about climbing the ladder in the corporate world would encase your dreams. GIBS’s syllabus creates new heaven for its students.

Is GIBS’s weekend MBA program perfect for up-gradation?
The syllabus of the weekend MBA program is not so different than a regular MBA program. The vibrant teaching infrastructure would increase the executable skills of the students. Some interactive sessions may initiate constructive employee education. If the focus of the general MBA program is to create the main head of the business, then the weekend MBA’s focus is a lot more consisted into employed qualification. People would like to achieve an expert position in international companies; they should invest their two years.
The full-time course hasn’t many dissimilarities with the main MBA program of GIBS. Weekend MBA encases every fundamental and intellectual aspect of business management, but the point is to create the perfect management employee of modern days. This program develops the required knowledge and execution skills of the employees. What they will face in upcoming careers, what would be the probable challenges, how to handle several cases, how to improvise in various conditions, how to manage the entire venture professionally, and how to apply the fundamental awareness and intellect in specific issues, these would be obtained during the course of GIBS. Such techniques will open up a huge arena in the market and pass-outs can make their way smoother.


Is a part-time MBA under modern pedagogy?

In the USA MBA course is not only obstructed into the fresh student milieu. Now the international platforms of MBA education including the way makers in the USA are insisting on experienced students. If you have market experience, then modern practical studies would help you to understand the bigger challenges. While you are in the interactive session of the young guide, then you may judge the current market through intelligent discourses. The professionals who have joined the two years of weekend MBA program of GIBS may go through such pedagogies.

The basic limit of joining this program is 3-5 years of work experience after graduation. The teaching methodology and the syllabus are accommodated by following the higher needs of modern trading. If you want to meet the high-end business set-ups, then the GIBS classes would be an effective way. Some companies are pushing their employees to take this course during their job because it helps the in-house employee development venture. The students and teachers are developing their working styles, knowledge, and personalities to create and build an impact on the business world.

Modern teaching methods and syllabi are created to build up precious youth batch who would carry the baton forward. Therefore, executive skills are in recognition very much. GIBS is established as a young guide batch to concentrate on specific students and spread high-class effective business education at the grassroots level. There are no geographical barriers to admission. People should fulfill the eligibility to meet the opportunities of climbing in corporate sectors.


Is this the right eligibility criteria?

As you read earlier about the pedagogy of weekend MBA in GIBS, therefore, you must match the eligibility criteria with that. You knew that GIBS follows the modern teaching method. It means students would learn several strategies for structuring management potentials. Without a basic work experience of 3-5 years, students can’t catch the syllabus. Mainly, the semesters are assembling advanced business planning and execution techniques.

Students would need a graduation certificate of any stream to join the next step. MBA is always the next step. Whether it is a regular course or a part-time MBA program of GIBS, you must be a graduate to achieve higher studies. Weekend MBA is the graduate course at the business level. Students must have a preliminary graduate degree to be a part of the MBA studies.

National educational administrators have launched some competitive exams to get into MBA studies. The students would be passed any of the CAT and GMAT. The remarks of these competitive exams would take them to the door of the best colleges in India. GIBS Business School, Bangalore is one of the important schools with a wide range of placements. Here, the CAT or GMAT pass outs would be elected through interviews.


What aspects would be developed?

The weekend MBA program of GIBS business school accommodates various aspects of business studies related to the contemporary corporate platform. It means students would obtain higher objectives in business sectors. Now, you should be more specific.

  • Opportunities – you may get many chances in work life, but there are some strategies to utilize for improving. How you would get an appreciation for a specific opportunity and how you can climb the corporate ladder from a single chance. The seminars would discuss the tactics of impressing your seniors through work.
  • Potential – it is one of the most important parts of GIBS’s MBA course (weekend). One may have talent, but turning the talent into business potential needs some constructive education. The workshops of young and energetic guides would include the business potential in you so that you can build a different you.
  • Transformation – how to change your career, what would b,e the right elements to get into a new work life, what would be the new way of working, and other useful awareness are taught. Some fruitful interactive sessions will help you enter into a new work life.
  • Interaction – GIBS provides a valuable chance to interact with popular business personas, successful employees, and leaders of different popular companies. It helps the students to know about modern business techniques and precious information. The students can acquire different techniques and know a broad range of data on worldwide trade.
  • Progression – with the help of erudite faculty, dedicated guides, and a vibrant atmosphere, the students would accomplish their ambition of getting a high-class lifestyle. The Weekend MBA program of GIBS Business School, Bangalore thinks about the progression of every student.


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