A Deep Insight into Human Resource Management at GIBS – June 16,2017

A Deep Insight into Human Resource Management at GIBS

HRM is the study that relates how human resource can be made more effective and efficient. This study will help an apprentice to know more about the skills, abilities, and creativity within every human being, and how they could learn how these talents can be used at the best. Almost in every organization, you can find a separate department, namely HR department. This department plays a vital role in a company.

All over the world, the demand for human resource management students has raised a lot. There are many institutions that are offering excellent programs in this field. Aspirants will be happy knowing that after passing out from these International Standard Business schools, the placement cell works for all the students to get the placement.


GIBS School of Business: An Introduction

At present, the GIBS business school has become quite prominent and the management offers the best study course for MBA aspirants. The aim of the core committee of this business school is to offer an exclusive program for business management so that aspirants will be able to gather more knowledge in this study program. This is really nice to notice that this B-school is ranked 3rd within India among other reputed schools for business. According to the report given by Higher Education Review in the year 2016, this institute has become 4th according to infrastructure and 8th as per exposure to the industry. The careers- the Education Hub in Karnataka has awarded AA+ to this school for its excellent offer for the Academic MBA program.
Aspirants, who are willing to take admitted to this institution, need to sit for CAT or XAT, or ATMA. The institution has also been considered the Best Academic Infrastructure by the students for the year 2016.


HRM study course

The study course is offered for two years, scholars can take admitted only after passing the entrance exams like CAT or MAT or XAT. Once a scholar is passed out and wishes to take admission in the B-school for having the best academic program, he or she should know the detail about the curriculum.

Law of industrial relations: Knowing about the rules relating to industrial relations is always known to be the more important part of this study curriculum. Every country maintains its own rule relating to industrial relations and here all apprentices need to have the required knowledge about these rules and regulations.

Law relating to social security: the academic program of HRM includes the syllabus relating to social security. This study is compulsory to accept the challenge of globalization and after going through this study; aspirants will be able to fit for any organization. This topic will actually make the students aware of how the employees are being protected within any organization.

Fundamentals of Human Resource Management: This is one of the most significant chapters which is necessary for every learner to study. The chapter will make the learner more confident about how the human resource is being used in different organizations for the benefit of the company.

Fundamentals relating to industrial relations: Industrial relations are known to be one of the most effective tools within every organization and hence aspirants of HRM should aware of this area too.

Basic labor laws: Proper knowledge relating to labor law is always essential for every aspirant to know. In India, the laws relating to the protection of laborers have been changed from time to time. Hence, this is obligatory for every scholar to have detailed knowledge of the rules and regulations relating to this law. The Federal, as well as the state rules, always seek the best protection to the labor and accordingly, rules relating to this must be known by the students.

Performance management and its appraisal: This is a systematic evaluation of the performance of the employees of any company and the manager of HR will do this evaluation. With this evaluation, it will be possible to know how the efforts of the employees can be developed.


Global exposures

The institution has become quite famous in recent days. Not only in India, but It can also be noticeable that students from all over the world attend this school to get prepared for this course. The management of this school always pays attention to offering high-quality education. Well-trained academicians are engaged within this institute so that every student gets the best quality education.
A gathering of international students is also noticeable and this proves how efficiently the organization is working. Pupils from Nepal, Bangladesh, China are attending the study courses here. The best thing about this business school is that the management follows the theory of Six Sigma.


Scope of the HR study program

At present with the enhancement in the field of various industrial sectors, it can be realized that a huge demand for managers taking care of the human resource department within any organization. The aspirants after passing this course will be eligible to get an immense scope in various fields. Let us take a look at the areas where beginners can be eligible to get the best opportunity.

Planning: In every organization, authentic planning is required to be conducted so that recruiting for vacancies can be done in an authentic manner. The professionals here are also eligible to calculate the amount of excess and shortage of staff.

Designing of job analysis: Every manager in this post must have the capacity to do a proper analysis of job design.

Indispensable recruitment and selection: For necessary recruitment and selection, every organization needs to depend on the manager for carrying on a required enrollment program. Here, every student in this field after passing out from GIBS will get the best opportunity.

Training program: Executing the required training program is also essential within any organization. Hence, here every company depends a lot on professional HRM.

Planning for remuneration: This is one of the vital parts of planning and recruitment where the professionals are eligible to help in making a perfect plan for planning and remuneration. The HR department will take crucial steps for the calculation and disbursement of remuneration.


Placements for the students of HRM have been stupendous and more can be explored at: www.gibsbschool.com


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