International Exposure at GIBS: Empowering Students for a Global Business World

International Exposure at GIBS: Empowering Students for a Global Business World

Globalization has led to businesses expanding their operations and reaching beyond borders. As a result, young professionals today require an international perspective and exposure to thrive in the modern business world. GIBS, located in Bangalore, recognizes this need and offers students various opportunities to gain international exposure through its Global Immersion Programme, tie-ups with foreign universities, international assignments, and collaborations with international professors.

GIBS is one of the top PGDM colleges in Bangalore, offering a two-year, full-time Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) program, approved by AICTE, with a focus on providing a contemporary, industry-relevant curriculum. The institute also offers a three-year BBA program in Bangalore. GIBS believes in providing students with the best possible education to help them develop an international perspective and excel in the global business world.


International Tie-Ups

GIBS has established tie-ups with prestigious international universities such as Lincoln University Malaysia, Lincoln College USA, Nottingham University UK, Putra Business School Malaysia, and Stevenson University USA. These collaborations offer students the opportunity to gain exposure to international teaching methodologies, research, and knowledge exchange programs, which will broaden their knowledge base and enhance their academic performance.


International Subject Matter Experts

GIBS has brought together a team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from diverse industries and backgrounds to offer students a unique, practical approach to learning. These renowned academicians have vast experience in their respective fields, which helps students gain contemporary practical insights into industry trends and practices.


Global Immersion Programme

One of the unique features of GIBS is its Global Immersion Programme, which takes students on an international tour during their course. The tour includes Industrial Visits, Workshops, Guest Lectures, Sightseeing, and University visits. This program offers a myriad of benefits to students, including:

  • Enhanced academic performance and knowledge base.
  • Awareness of different cultures and problem-solving techniques.
  • Exposure to international teaching methodologies and alternate sources of knowledge.
  • International industry exposure through industrial visits, understanding industry standards, policies, and administration styles.
  • Improved confidence to face obstacles in professional and personal life.
  • Networking opportunities with people from diverse backgrounds.
  • Exposure to different communication channels, breaking down language and cultural barriers.
  • Sightseeing and exploring a new country’s culture.
  • Dubai Global Immersion Program

In June 2022, GIBS organized a Global Immersion Program in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The PGDM students visited Nom Noms Marshmello, where they got to observe a working food plant. During their tour of the Danube Group, they learned about the various kinds of wood used for various purposes, the nations that have them, and how the Danube Group imports and distributes them to its clients. They also received a fascinating presentation on the applications of blockchain technology and metaverse potential in the fintech sector from a CFO and an industrial specialist.


International Conclave

GIBS Bangalore organized an International Conclave on “Contemporary Management Practices” and released the journal with an ISBN Number by International Delegates at GIBS Bangalore Campus. The conclave attracted around five hundred attendees who availed the benefit of the conclave. The conclave focused on the dynamics of classical and new organizational forms of planning, organizing, motivating, directing

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In conclusion, international exposure and perspective are becoming increasingly important in today’s globalized business world, and GIBS recognizes this fact by providing various opportunities for its students to gain international exposure. Through tie-ups with foreign universities, international assignments, international professors, and the Global Immersion Program, GIBS students can enhance their academic performance, gain industry exposure, expand their networks, and develop new problem-solving skills. Additionally, the International Conclave organized by GIBS allows students to learn about contemporary management practices from international delegates. As one of the top PGDM and BBA colleges in Bangalore, GIBS is committed to providing its students with quality education and opportunities for personal and professional growth.