IRE is a Currency for a Wealthy Career of GIBS PGDM Student

IRE is a Currency for a Wealthy Career of PGDM Student at GIBS Business School, Bangalore

What is IRE?

IRE stands for Innovation, Research, and Entrepreneurship.

Thinking out of the Box for the rapidly evolving global business environment, supporting it by the Cutting-edge Research, and inculcating the spirit of Entrepreneurship should be strategically molded to have Sustainable growth in the industry. This culture of Innovation and Research continues to eternity as it is a continuous process to be followed for a lifetime.


IRE is a currency for a successful career

For a Business School Student, Innovation, Research, and Entrepreneurship are the currency to set a successful career.
A business school prepares the students to become leaders who can face a wide range of challenges associated with new ideas, creativity, collaboration, inclusion, and diversity. It is possible only through rigorous training on Innovation and Research and Entrepreneurial skills.



Why IRE?

GIBS Business School of Bangalore started India’s very first IRE school. GIBS IRE (Innovation, Research, and Entrepreneurship) School is a complete action learning school.

GIBS Bangalore introduced its IRE school to encourage students to unleash their true potential. Students are trained with real-time projects for research and innovation. It bridges the gap between academia and the industry by teaching them leadership skills and other important life skills.

At GIBS, Innovation, Research, and Entrepreneurship have a very important place in education.


How does GIBS IRE School work?

GIBS IRE School trains and equips the first-year PGDM students on Innovation, Research, and Entrepreneurship through activities, workshops, expert sessions, and many more.

Every Friday is dedicated to the IRE school.


The curriculum of IRE School is developed in three levels and will be offered throughout the first year of PGDM.

  • The first trimester will have I-1, R-1, and E-1 (Innovation -1, Research -1 and Entrepreneurship-1),
  • The second trimester will have I-2, R-2, and E -2 (Innovation -2, Research -2 and Entrepreneurship-2) and
  • The third trimester will have I-3, R-3, and E-3 (Innovation -3, Research -3, and Entrepreneurship-3)


GIBS is known for high-quality education, and the GIBS faculty are not only renowned academicians but also accomplished scholars with experience from various industries, thereby bringing a uniquely practical approach to learning. They are the most distinguished scholars, who constantly do research in their respective fields and industry practitioners who have implemented innovation and entrepreneurship to overcome real-time crises.


Students develop cutting-edge leadership skills

  • At GIBS, we want to ensure that this investment in research and innovation creates a real impact by implementing meaningful education, rigorous research, evidence-based insights, and innovative leadership. GIBS IRE School aims to empower students with the right resources needed to drive innovation and changes across the nation with the help of GIBS’ Research, Innovations & Business Centers. Our Research, Innovations & Business Centers provide a variety of research and education opportunities that allow our students to examine a broad array of disciplines.
  • Students of GIB IRE School Bangalore will develop their growth mindset to think creatively, realistically, and optimistically about the future and to turn ideas into action. It solves all the confusion a student will have about the specialization, job profile, and the kind of companies they can join, and moreover, the skills and practice required for decision-making.
  • GIBS IRE School helps students to become innovation leaders. They will have an in-depth understanding of the innovation cycle, research processes, entrepreneurial techniques, and tools. They will become an asset to any organization they join and will be able to handle any crisis effectively, finding solutions for the problems.

GIBS Business School, Bangalore designed its curriculum and course module in such a way that it should be contributing dynamic young leaders to the corporate/ business world. GIBS students are trained to have high skills through innovation-driven and entrepreneurship-driven research and training.

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