IRE School – Teaching Pedagogy By GIBS!

IRE School – Teaching Pedagogy By GIBS!

Doing a professional course is a level up in one’s career. People often take this up before they enter the world of business. Professional courses act as a catalyst in building a career, giving direction, and building a pathway to your success.

Business schools today are offering various types of courses to ensure better education and coverage of specific needs of the industry. From MBA to PGDM, a variety of professional courses catering to every field is now available.

Teaching and learning styles differentiate colleges, making choosing one difficult. We suggest the Global Institute of Business Studies as the ideal platform to launch your career successfully.

Global Institute of Business Studies is an educational institute that aims to transform young talented individuals into professionals that become an asset to the organization.

From international associations that foster global perspectives to an educational program designed to boost happiness for its students, the Global Institute of Business Studies offers comprehensive education.

Global Institute of Business Studies’ IRE school stands out among its many innovative features as an outstanding initiative that encourages students to put forth their best effort when entering the real world.

IRE stands for Innovation, Research, And Entrepreneurship. This promotes the importance of research and helps students to innovate various solutions. The entire process of learning research and innovation helps them to become future leaders or entrepreneurs. The confidence to start something of their own is instilled with various activities and methods.

A team of experts will guide each of the young future entrepreneurs to bring out their true potential. It is based on the action-learning model. Where learning happens beyond books and classrooms. The students are more confident as they learn by applying their knowledge.

Each Friday is dedicated to IRE school where fun and knowledge are amalgamated for students who are looking for more than bookish knowledge. The IRE school entails three labs, Innovation Lab, Research Lab, and Entrepreneurship Lab. These labs enable the 1st year students to experiment with their knowledge in various fields under the guidance of experts.

The curriculum here consists of many expert sessions, workshops, seminars, and many more. Each session is an insightful knowledge session that gives the learning of the students a new perspective.

IRE school is a catalyst that empowers students to do more than just learn the basic curriculum that will be available in any other college. The cut-throat competition can only be eliminated if you are doing something exceptional and uneatable. IRE gives you that opportunity to shine bright.

Students here develop concepts, ideas, plans, and business models through real-time research. The students are evaluated on factors like how well the ideas resonate in today’s time and how the students are researching.

Research and Innovation are the two principal mechanisms in today’s technology-driven world. Industries can only move forward when new ideas and concepts emerge along the way. GIBS has taken this responsibility to train students to become capable of inventing and innovating solutions and ideas that have the potential to become an industrial revolution.

Global Institute of Business Studies also has a Research, Innovations, and Business Centre that offers students the opportunity to explore varied disciplines. The aim is to empower students with insights, research, entrepreneurial activities, and more, enabling them to create change that can enhance the world.

IRE School is one of the many ways in which GIBS is empowering and nurturing future leaders. Let us tell you some more of its unique ways of paving the way to a successful career.

Global Institute of Business Studies – Best Place for A Budding Professional!

An understanding of the role that college can play in your career development is of vital importance. A good college will bring out your true potential and help you attain the success that’s deserved of you. Global Institute of Business Studies is one of the top colleges in the country today, enabling many to become leaders in the world of business.

Things that you will only find in the Global Institute of Business Studies:

  • Global Immersion Program
  • Financial Assistance
  • Internal Quality Assurance Cell
  • Value-Added Program
  • Happiness Program
  • Foreign Associations
  • Dedicated Placement Cell
  • Unique Mentoring Model
  • Corporate Internships

To know more about the above offering visit the website or just get in touch with the Global Institute of Business Studies.