It’s the Teaching Methodology at GIBS that sets it apart… – April 12, 2016

It’s the Teaching Methodology at GIBS that sets it apart

The world is ever changing and the way we did work a few years back is now obsolete. Our way of conversations, our definition of entertainment and our lifestyles have changed. But there are some areas which have struck to older methodologies and which need immediate change. One such avenue is teaching. Year after year, the students are being taught in the same fashion with no change or with no new methods. This has led to a big gap between the expectations and the ground realities.

However, there are very few institutions which have incorporated new teaching methodologies to stay with the changing demands of education. GIBS Business School is one of them. GIBS has developed a unique teaching methodology for the benefit of its students. The education scheme is based on the holistic development of students while making them industry ready.

GIBS respects and accepts the fact that every student is different and has a unique set of abilities, strengths, learning styles, and previous experience. GIBS pools in these different talents and uses it to the advantage of its students. No wonder, GIBS is rated as one of the best MBA colleges in Bangalore.

Differential care is given to different students based on their capabilities, and so called weakness. GIBS strives to make these so called weakness into strengths as these are the qualities which set them apart from others. Teaching for Diverse Abilities and Learning Styles methodology focuses on the students who need additional teaching aids and attention to improve and groom. This methodology creates a healthy competition among students to do their best and give way for continuous improvement. All students, regardless of their level, can benefit, from improved study technique.

With a participative approach to learning, using case study method seminars, Guest lectures, Workshops, symposiums, teamwork and self-study, the students are made to give better than their best without compromising on their self-confidence and unwanted tensions.

This unique teaching methodology has been designed keeping the student mentality in mind. This empathetic approach of GIBS is what makes it unique and much sought after MBA School in India.


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