Join the Amazing Management Career Opportunities in GIBS and Beyond – December 26,2017

Join the Amazing Management Career Opportunities in GIBS and Beyond

While India is crowded with numerous management institutions of different levels and hues, here is one with a difference. Global Institute of Business Studies in Bannerghatta, Bangalore, believes in enriching student lives with sterling values. Much of what is done today is aimed at the future like the national development plans and the concerns about the planetary environment. When the student steps into GIBS to pursue one of those dream courses, it is certain that a milestone has been reached. Admission into a prestigious institution is conviction enough that good things are coming with the right effort.


The GIBS courses

Though every management aspirant dreams of an MBA, not everybody is so lucky. Maybe the majority would have to remain content with bachelor’s degrees, though a masters is preferable and carries greater clout. Whether it is the MBA plus PPM, the BBA or BCom, or the PGDM, they are all essentially business management based and would equip the boys and girls with the fundamentals. Excellent internships and placement opportunities ensure that a head start is coming to fight life’s battles in dynamic ways.


An institute with a vision and mission

As compared to many moneymaking institutions, GIBS has built a firm foundation of outstanding values. Each student has a vision and a goal while institutions are busy pursuing their lofty dreams. Leadership is a profound mission pursued by GIBS and that is exactly what commercial companies need along with the nation. What are the qualities that a successful leader needs? Dedication to society and shared values should come first. Human development should precede excellence in education. GIBS builds the qualities of heart and head that make successful industry and national leaders.

The universal dream affects every 21st century citizen since it is the media developed by technology that has succeeded in raising educational and living standards everywhere. People learn and work better and faster than ever before. Yet, successful lifelong careers require a lot of motivation and training, culture and drive. What is the recipe for a successful lifestyle and professional success? The seeds were laid long ago in early school, but the journey continues, accumulating information and skills step by step up the ladder. Quality higher education that is geared at a specific sector like management in this case is industry oriented and equips the students professionally to launch ambitious careers. Keeping in touch with world standards and putting up with global competition would be a stiff test.


Pursue specializations with zeal and dedication

In an age of specific studies and training, identify the areas of interest and pursue them rigorously. A focused dream would succeed better just like a degree in hospitality would succeed better along with a management degree. Employers prefer those who combine the best of both worlds. Again, not everybody can possess both kinds of degrees. Yet, work experience itself is like working for a degree like working in a good hotel after studying management.

Marketing, Human Resources and Finance are essential to every enterprise. Further requirements may be raw materials and services. Effective and budgeted management skills would be required at every step and that could be called leadership too. Some further specializations could be International Business, Operations, Supply Chain and Information Technology. A quick internet search would reveal the basics of these fields for students to have an understanding. Interests should be developed along realistic lines and according to existing skills and abilities. Training and study do improve performance, of course, but it is better not to be lost in wild dreams. Sustained interest rather than sudden fancies would confirm a special area of attention that could be pursed through the courses and beyond.

Rather than independent decisions, it is best if career choices are discussed with teachers and counselors, parents and colleagues, just to be confirmed that the planning is along the right track. Get a few green signals along the way.



GIBS has tied up with University of Bangalore where the institution is located. Affiliation also exists with AICTE, a neighboring state in South India. Together, the two distinguished universities would launch student careers to the clouds of the management industry in the city of Bangalore that is crowded with MNCs, making it a truly global city. The cosmopolitan flavor of Bangalore is exactly what the successful professional needs today, a mingling of languages, religions, nationalities and cultures. When the GIBS graduates and postgraduates go abroad to work or study further, they would remain at an advantage after having studied and worked in the dynamic Bangalore ambience.


Prepare well for entrance exams and interviews

Like every year, entrance examinations lie around the corner in the 2017 ending and 2018 beginning. Though not much time is left, a dedicated final preparation would make a difference. Interview skills require brushing up and online materials would help tremendously in both senses. Write and speak well to make a powerful beginning to the management dream.

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