Key points you need to remember at the time of writing the CMAT exams – December 29,2017

Key points you need to remember at the time of writing the CMAT exams

Now that 2018 is around the corner, CMAT is not so far away. The nightmares of preparation are now over and the weeks and months of tensions and laborious preparation are now ending. What remains is to rest and relax in the days leading up to the exam in January.

Being very much present and facing the questions on the battlefield positively, being courageous, and not losing your nerve are what you should aim to do. Finally, what you do in the examination hall is what will matter. Pay attention to the time factor and make sure that there is ample time to complete all the questions.


What is CMAT?

Common Management Aptitude Test is meant for graduates and is conducted by AICTE for the purpose of gaining admission to management institutes. Conducted by AICTE under the aegis of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, CMAT scores are accepted by AICTE-recognized management institutes and universities. It is a computer-based online test. The syllabus consists of data interpretation, quantitative techniques, language, logical reasoning, and general awareness. Make sure that you remain in touch with the media and read newspapers, remaining intellectually alert and confident about what is happening around the world.

Continue to observe regular sleeping and resting hours, avoiding excessive study late in the night when the brain is tired. Walking and other forms of light exercise would ensure that you remain physically fit to face the examination pressure on a fateful day. Avoid studying until the last moment, burdening the mind with lots of study materials. Try to relax at the time of the examination and keep optimistic thoughts.

Yet, there are still about three weeks left even after the New Year celebrations are done. That will be enough time to get through a complete revision of all the study materials, question papers, and other study materials that you have gathered. If you have painstakingly maintained a portfolio of study materials, a thorough revision would be quite possible. Even at the last moment, do not spend long hours studying but take breaks now and then for fresh air and stretch your limbs.

Some people would advise differently! Keeping away from books and study materials at this late juncture would not be a good idea. Keep in touch with the study materials daily but don’t engage in activities that might distract your mind. Keep away from parties and picnics and intoxicants that might interfere with thought processes and result in physical problems too.


Get prepared for working on the computer screen

Most young people nowadays are quite familiar with computer work but some are not. Since you would be working online, get used to it. Spend a few sessions surfing the internet and writing practice answers on computer screens perhaps at the internet café if you don’t have one of your own.


Clarify the test center and documents

Formalities take up a lot of time, effort, and expense and are sometimes necessary too. Be certain of the test center well in advance and try to visit the area beforehand. Are you sure what documents would be required, whether in original, photocopied, or attested? Arrange them all in proper order well in advance. Make sure that you are observing all the do’s and don’ts like avoiding things that are not allowed to be taken inside the examination hall. Be well prepared to undergo a series of checks at the examination hall and reach the venue well in advance, unburdened by study materials.


Make sure to avoid stupid mistakes

There is no need to be tense as the date is getting closer. Get mentally prepared and say your prayers, and seek the blessings of parents and elders before the date arrives. Despite diligent preparation, it is seen that many students make silly mistakes as a result of acting irresponsibly and not applying the knowledge they possess. Perhaps it is the small things that have not been paid attention to. Make sure that you apply plain common sense to the situations in the examination.

Regarding rehearsals like reading the exam instructions, you need not wait for the examination date. Such materials would be available online and you probably possess them already.


On the examination date

  • Read the question paper instructions thoroughly and make sure they are well understood. One question appearing on the screen at a time is an advantage since the attention will not be distracted by many questions together.
  • After rehearsing several times, perhaps the time planning is not a problem anymore. When the ‘Start Test’ button is clicked, the timer commences. The test must be completed before the allotted time because the timer will stop automatically at the stipulated time.
  • Use the review feature and choose the ‘flag’ button to write or review a question at a later time. With the ‘deselect’ button, you can edit answers already written.
  • Since you are under the CCTV spotlight, avoid any form of cheating and do not carry prohibited items inside the exam hall. No calculators or mobile phones, earphones, or log tables, they are all banned. Don’t carry rough sheets and use the blank paper provided.

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