Leading the Way: How GIBS Societies Prepare PGDM and BBA Students for the Corporate World

Leading the Way: How GIBS Societies Prepare PGDM and BBA Students for the Corporate World

GIBS Business School is one of the leading business schools in India, located in Bangalore, Karnataka. The school has a reputation for offering high-quality education to its students, preparing them to face the challenges of the corporate world. The institution offers various programs to students, including PGDM and BBA. Students who choose to study at GIBS are given opportunities to develop their skills in various areas through the different societies available at the institution.

One of the significant advantages of joining societies at GIBS is that they are entirely student-driven. The societies are designed and managed by students, making them responsible for their success. Students are given the freedom to select the societies they want to be a part of, based on their interests and career goals. This approach allows students to explore their areas of interest and develop their skills beyond the classroom.

Joining a society at GIBS provides numerous benefits for students, such as developing their networking skills. Students have the opportunity to meet and interact with other students, faculty members, and leaders in their field of interest. Networking is a crucial aspect of building a successful career, and joining a society provides an excellent opportunity for students to enhance their network.

Societies at GIBS also help students to develop their leadership skills. Students who hold executive positions in societies learn how to manage and lead a team. They develop skills such as communication, problem-solving, decision-making, and teamwork, which are essential for any leadership role.

Another benefit of joining societies at GIBS is that they allow students to gain practical experience in their areas of interest. For instance, students who join the Marketing/Human Resources/Finance Society have the opportunity to work on real-life projects, learn about budgeting, event planning, and marketing strategies. The practical experience gained through societies is invaluable and prepares students to be more adaptable in their future careers.

Moreover, joining a society at GIBS provides students with the opportunity to give back to society. Some societies, such as the CSR Society, are dedicated to social responsibility and community service. Through these societies, students have the opportunity to participate in various projects that benefit society and help them develop their empathy and compassion towards others.

  • Cultural & Creativity Society – This society is focused on promoting cultural and creative activities among students. They organize various events such as dance competitions, art exhibitions, and music concerts.
  • CSR Society – The Corporate Social Responsibility Society is dedicated to creating awareness about social responsibility among students. They organize various events such as blood donation camps, cleanliness drives, and community service projects.
  • Placement & Alumni Relations Society – This society helps students with their career placement by organizing workshops and seminars on career development. They also connect students with alumni who can provide guidance and support in their careers.
  • IRE / TED Talk Society – The Industrial Relations and Employment Society is focused on creating awareness about the employment market and industry trends. They organize workshops, seminars, and TED Talks on various topics related to employment.
  • Management Fest Society – This society organizes management fests that give students an opportunity to showcase their management skills. They organize events such as business quizzes, case study competitions, and mock stock trading competitions.
  • International Relations Society – This society is focused on creating awareness about international affairs and diplomacy. They organize events such as Model United Nations conferences, seminars on international relations, and cultural exchange programs.
  • Newsletter Society – This society is responsible for creating and publishing the school newsletter. They gather information and news about the school and its activities and publish it in a newsletter that is distributed to students, faculty, and alumni.
  • MDP / FDP / EDP Society – This society is focused on providing students with training and development opportunities. They organize various training programs such as Management Development Programs (MDP), Faculty Development Programs (FDP), and Executive Development Programs (EDP).
  • Marketing / HR / Finance Society – This society is focused on promoting and creating awareness about various fields such as marketing, human resources, and finance. They organize seminars and workshops on various topics related to these fields.
  • Sports Society – This society promotes sports and fitness activities among students. They organize various sports events such as cricket, football, basketball, and volleyball tournaments, as well as fitness workshops and camps.


GIBS Business School in Bangalore is one of the most sought-after institutes for management education in the city. The institute offers a range of courses including PGDM and BBA. GIBS has consistently been ranked among the top business schools in Bangalore and is known for its innovative curriculum, experienced faculty, and excellent placement opportunities.

When it comes to PGDM colleges in Bangalore, GIBS is a top choice for students looking to pursue a career in management. The institute’s PGDM programme is designed to prepare students for the dynamic business environment and equips them with the skills and knowledge required to excel in their careers. Additionally, GIBS has tie-ups with leading international universities for student exchange programmes, giving students exposure to global business practices.

For students interested in pursuing a BBA programme in Bangalore, GIBS offers a comprehensive course that covers all aspects of business management. The BBA programme at GIBS is designed to provide students with a strong foundation in business concepts and practices, and prepares them for a range of careers in the field.

Overall, GIBS is a top choice for students looking to pursue management education in Bangalore, and is known for its academic rigor, experienced faculty, and excellent placement opportunities.

In conclusion, joining a society at GIBS is one of the finest ways to make friends, pick up new skills, and gain confidence. Students who join societies at GIBS have the opportunity to develop their networking, leadership, and practical skills, making them more adaptable in their future careers. Additionally, joining societies allows students to give back to society, making a positive impact on their communities. As such, it is highly recommended that students at GIBS take advantage of the various societies available to them to develop themselves holistically.


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