Learn*Earn*Return @ GIBS Business School, Bangalore…!!! – December 02 2016

Learn*Earn*Return @ GIBS Business School, Bangalore…!!!

GIBS Business School with the inspirational jest line of LEARN. EARN. RETURN believes that Education is an admirable thing. Being a Great management Institution makes learning fun, refreshing, and engaging lessons, which are essential to a student’s academic success. As one’s life forms to possess knowledge and skills for survival and multiplication. Over the centuries entire education systems have been developed with their educational reasoning too.

Well, is anyone trying to understand how are we blending learn, earn and return to Education…???Learn… Earn… Return… itself is a great concept, because whatever students will Learn will certainly allow them to Earn, which will make them return anything. A possible approach of learning, earning, and returning is sort of a positive cycle, wherein the learning process involves formal education, earning stage includes starting a career, and the return stage is getting fulfilled.

  • GIBS B School believes that success is the ability to make others successful. Consequently, learning takes off to the path of excellence.
  • GIBS make the Leadership Journey a Potentially fascinating entrepreneurial one with Learn. Earn. Return motto.
  • It is important to learn and earn, as it is also important to return and help others with the privileges.
  • GIBS students get collateral Placement opportunities which have helping students to learn without the burden to frame their careers.

The new standard of learning is increasing the effectiveness of a constant successful career and accommodating the same is what is educates in GIBS Business School as a Top MBA Institute. Striving for excellence to be professional, the student should perfect their careers. As it becomes the element of the social contract.

We shall leave this note with one thought for all of us…

The more we learn, the more we earn

Where people are kind, life is good

For what we give away, and it enriches us from day to day.

And our lives are enhanced by good action and understanding move…


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