Let’s put some light on cleanliness Cleanliness- something we must all follow… – June 22 2016

Let’s put some light on cleanliness Cleanliness- something we must all follow

Billions of ideas, thousands of activists, hundreds of activities and one goal- a better world. With so much awareness being spread, more number of people is taking a step towards several goals like cleanliness, plantation and other activities. One of the most troublesome problems is the lack of cleanliness. People eat a packet of chips and throw the paper on the road, drink a can of cola, throw the can down. They spit on the road, urinate and litter every possible corner. We live in a world full of hypocrites who give speeches about cleanliness and throws trash on the road while getting back home.

But there are also organizations who believe in ‘Less talk, more work’. With people coming up with more ideas and activities, the world seems to be getting better. Campaigns like ‘The Swachh Bharat’ by the Prime Minister of India or the start up GIBS Social Foundation by Mr. Ritesh Goyal – chairman of GIBS aim at leading India towards a better and cleaner stage. Cleanliness is a very basic concept on which a lot of other concepts depend. Say, health, hygiene and lots more.

Hence, by keeping our environment clean, we do ourselves a huge favour. We can also put our foot ahead by doing little things. Let’s start off by keeping our house clean. Then we can shift focus on the neighbourhood and later the entire area. All it needs is a good team and one can always work towards building one. It is best to get youngsters to work for you, as they have hotter blood and will be enthusiastic.

It is also a good idea to get middle aged people to work, which are bored of their retired life and can spend time on something more effective. Hence, collect a good team and start off with working towards a better place for our children and others to live in!