Life @ GIBS Clubs- Shape Your Present And Future!

Life @ GIBS Clubs- Shape Your Present And Future!

Unarguably, GIBS is one of the finest business schools for providing good education to aspirants. But, one of the other significant advantages of being a part of GIBS is, you pursue your interest and hobbies and establish fruitful friendships with your classmates.
When you join any business school, most students have less time to
devote to socializing and personal development.

Not at GIBS.

Life @ GIBS clubs is more than what you think. GIBS is blessed with six different clubs where you can learn about the management world,
polish your skills, make connections, and do lots more.

Do these GIBS clubs have a long-lasting impact or are they just stress-
relievers to ensure you don’t reel up under academic pressure?

Firstly let’s know the key features of every GIBS club and what they offer you.


Communication Club

The Communication Club of GIBS is responsible for surveying the
library’s activities, allotting the resources, and every administrative
structure aspect. Here, senior authorities generate reports and provide
recommendations to the association for developing new learning
opportunities for the students.

Students joining this club strengthen their self-image by learning
communication and leadership skills. This club introduces book reviews, book displays, and book talks to the aspirants. Such events help GIBS to acquire necessary books and provide them to deserving students.


Cultural, Creativity & Sponsorship Club.

‘’No matter what happens, the show must go on’’ is the motto of
Cultural, Creativity & Sponsorship Club. Surprisingly, this is the most
energetic and colorful club that organizes cultural events on special
occasions. Here, students get a platform to showcase their creativity,
knowledge, and talent. No matter, what’s going in your life, it’s time for
the overall development and show your creative side in this club.


Entrepreneurship Club

The Entrepreneurship Club of GIBS is the most innovative club where
students can share their ideas and thoughts about the corporate world.

The environment of this club encourages students to develop their own ideas. Here, club seniors ensure that students make the most out of their time in the institute.


Finance Club

GIBS Finance Club helps students to develop and understand the
opportunities of the corporate world. The Finance Club promotes all the latest financial trends and innovations happening in the world of
finance. This club not only educates students but also conducts sessions to expose students to the practical aspects of the corporate world.


Human Resources Club

Human Resources Club helps students learn about human resource
management by reaching out to industry veterans and conducting
periodic sessions. Being a part of this club, you face various mock tests
and interview sessions with the seniors that help you in the placement


Innovation And Research Club

Innovation and Research Club assist students in learning creative
problem-thinking skills and generating new ideas. Here students
complete various projects within the deadline under the guidance Of
GIBS’ MD. This club’s motive is to help students learn about recent
happenings, polish research skills, and adopt innovative thinking.


Marketing Club

GIBS Marketing Club is the one-stop destination for marketing students to learn marketing strategies beyond the classroom. This club houses the brightest minds that are interested in learning the latest advancements in the marketing world. It encourages students to participate in marketing and community relationships.


GIBS Clubs Can Change Your Life Beyond Campus

GIBS clubs improve your lifestyle and prepare you to compete in the
corporate world. You just learned that.

But do they have any practical use once you leave the campus?
One well-kept secret is, GIBS clubs help you become a deserving job
candidate. For instance- if you were part of the Marketing Club,
recruiters will understand that you were interested in learning
marketing strategies.

Participating in GIBS clubs makes you an interesting person in the eyes
of recruiters. If you were a part of Cultural, Creativity, & Sponsorship
Club, it showcases that you can create a balance between your work and hobbies.

Imagine your friend didn’t attend any club and was busy grasping the
theory from books. You cannot make any comparisons there. You are
already way ahead!

If you manage to get decent academic scores, bag multiple
internships, and actively performing in clubs, future recruiters are bound to appreciate your multitasking skills.


Final Wrap-Up

Just a tweak here.

New students may be tempted to join the clubs mentioned above. But
you should carefully choose the right club because first there will be a burden of academics, social events, and networking. Secondly, join the one that will help and enrich you the most—both in your inner and outer unfolding.

Besides, GIBS clubs are not only about work or fun. In fact, being a part of GIBS clubs is the best way to enrich your campus experience.
Something that you will never remember as a golden period in your life.


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